Pack Your Hookah Diving System and Visit These Beautiful Destinations

Hookah diving or tankless diving is becoming more and more popular in the United States by the day. People prefer tankless hookah diving systems, like Nemo by BLU3, because

Tankless Diving System

Tankless Diving to Revolutionize the Way You See the Ocean Getting a fancy for the deep blue ocean after looking at breath-taking underwater photos is one thing. Gathering your courage to

Hookah Dive System

The best part is, you don’t need to panic about tampering with your diving system. The floating hose gives you the freedom you need while you are deep in the water. It keeps you connected with the surface. Explore the depths of the beautiful sea to your heart’s content while your air supply unit on the surface provides all the aid that you need.
good for coral reef sunscreen

3 Brands of Reef-Safe Sunscreen

For those of us who don't fluoresce, here are three sunscreen brands that protect us from the sun and corals from chemicals. Chemical-free, non-toxic sun protection.

What does it mean to Dive BLU3?

It’s about ease and enjoyment, exploration and adventure, memories and bonding. Together, we can spread the remarkable sport of diving and cultivate a beautiful bLU3 planet.
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Project Baseline + BLU3

BLU3's mission is to dive with a purpose and protect the waters we love for generations to come. Help document the world's reefs, lakes, rivers and springs with no extra steps. Dive BLU3.