3 Brands of Reef-Safe Sunscreen

For those of us who don't fluoresce, here are three sunscreen brands that protect us from the sun and corals from chemicals. Chemical-free, non-toxic sun protection.

What does it mean to Dive BLU3?

It’s about ease and enjoyment, exploration and adventure, memories and bonding. Together, we can spread the remarkable sport of diving and cultivate a beautiful bLU3 planet.
NOMAD data recorder tank free diving

Project Baseline + BLU3

BLU3's mission is to dive with a purpose and protect the waters we love for generations to come. Help document the world's reefs, lakes, rivers and springs with no extra steps. Dive BLU3.


Introducing: NEMO™ A dive system that supports one diver to ten feet – the perfect way for snorkelers to take their adventures one step deeper into the blue. "It’s the perfect entry-level device for bringing the

BLU3 Rocked the Ocean

We attended Rock the Ocean Foundation's Tortuga Music Festival – a country music and conservation festival held on the beautiful, bright and sandy beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.