Received it less than 3 weeks ago. This is the most extraordinary gadget that I have purchased in the last 20-30 years! Worth every penny and more! Must have for those that do not want to mess with heavy and bulky SCUBA stuff. Must have for those that want freedom to be at any beach with a small backpack and see the underwater world! Some post are made now from Thailand with the hashtag #diveBLU3

K. Dobroselskiy

With NEMO @diveblu3 an augmented reality opens up anywhere! It's a special kind of pleasure, to lay low and just to watch, without worrying about the amount of air in the lungs or the amount of air in the tank, just to be part of the environment and watch.... ten minutes, two... an hour... I'm sure it's the best you'll get in the last couple of years! Invaluable emotions, invaluable experience.

In the summer of 2018, I came across a video with Nemo in a public such as "Miracle of Technology" and I was so impressed with the picture that I decided, at any rate, to be as happy as the people in the video. The search that led me to Kikstarter started. The project hasn't started yet, but it's about to. Long wait, September 1, 2018 and already 2nd I have a letter in my mail confirming the sponsorship of the world's smallest diving system!🥳 In the first hundred on the right to become the owner!

There are no exact dates, there is only a general idea of the end product. Every week the sweetest letter with a report on the work done, imbued with such care and awe for what the team @diveblu3 creates 💙. That's how the YEAR and one month has passed! It is as if I have personally gone through the process of creating this miracle, and that long-awaited letter "Your NEMO has been delivered!". In 9 more days FedEx (through a headache with brokers in Moscow) delivered the package from Fort Lauderdale. On 7th November 2019 I rode from joy to the ceiling, opening the box!!!). The long wait fully justified itself! The NEMO is flawless, but it's not yet clear what to do if something goes wrong (the hose looks vulnerable, especially at the compressor junction). I will cry like a beluga if something happens to him 😭.

So far, however, it's going very well 🥰.

All this way was very exciting and interesting, and most importantly, NEMO is already on sale and available to everyone!”


Your product has truly exceeded all of our expectations we cannot wait to share the experience with our friends and family, and get them to dive blu3.

M. Limosani

Just completed my first “dive” with Nemo. All in all I have to say this is a pretty well designed little device.

I was concerned that it would not supply me enough air being a bigger guy and a tuba player, but that little pump just kept cranking away. I was in and out and trying different things but the battery lasted an hour easy and still has some to go. It did take a little getting used to, so I would definitely agree that trying in a pool or very calm waters first before you expect to go on a dive somewhere is a good idea. The noise isn’t too bad and you get used to it pretty quickly.

C. Barberie

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