Diving with Nemo
Diving with Nemo

Underwater Diving Is Inherently Risky.
For Enjoyable Experiences With Nemo,
Follow The Guidelines Below.

Proper Training Is Key!

Nemo diving is a great bridge from snorkeling into breathing underwater, and the pool is perfect for becoming comfortable with techniques like buoyancy control, clearing your dive mask, and other skills that are taught in the Nemo Online Dive Training Course. This course is available free of charge online on a user-friendly platform.

Before Diving, ALL Users Must:

  1. Read and understand the Nemo Owner’s – Users Manual
  2. Complete the Nemo Fitness to Dive Evaluation
  3. Complete the Nemo Online Dive Training Course
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Who Can Participate In Nemo Diving?

All Users Must Be Able To

  1. Swim 200 yards without stopping, without a time limit
  2. Tread water for 10 minutes continuously

Age Limits

  1. Users must be 8 years of age or older to Nemo dive, but are restricted to diving in a swimming pool only, in water shallow enough so that they can stand with their head above the surface of the water.
  2. Users must be 10 years of age or older to dive outside of the pool.
  3. Users under the age of 18 must have parental or guardian supervision at all times.

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