Take Your Dive System Anywhere: How to Pack and Transport Your Battery-Powered Dive System

BLU3 battery-powered dive systems are the perfect solution for the diver on the go.

Compact and lightweight, these diving systems are easy to pack and transport, making them the ideal choice for travelers. Here are a few tips when traveling with your BLU3 products by plane.

Batteries are always with your carry-on and should be removed from the carry-on bag when going thru security have the travel certificate printed and displayed next to the battery.

When traveling with Nemo, remember to bring:
Mask, Fins, Weight Belt

When traveling with Nomad, remember to bring:
Mask, Fins. Weight belt, Spare Air

Recommended bag for two units is a 28-inch suitcase or similar bag. 2 units without batteries in a suitcase are below 50 lbs with accessories. Check with your airline to see your flight's weight limits.