BLU3 Team

Meet the Team


Blake Carmichael

President & CEO
BLU3, Inc.


Blake has spent the entirety of his life immersed in the ocean. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Electrical Engineering, with the intention to innovate for the betterment of the planet. His ingenuity, work ethic and deep regard for the ocean and environment is the driving force of BLU3’s mission. It is this mentality that will ensure BLU3 products enter the market at their optimal state in order to meet, and exceed, expectations.

Robert Carmichael

President & Chairman of the Board
Brownie's Marine Group, Inc.


Robert is a distinguished diver, explorer and inventor with an incredible talent for building businesses and getting innovative products to market. He is the founder and CEO of BMG – a successful family of brands all with a unique focus on the diving industry. His humble beginnings as a garage mechanic for the original Brownie’s Third Lung to the head of various companies, including the very same brand in which he began, is a testament to his commitment, work ethic, innovation and passion. BLU3 is the newest member of the Brownie’s Marine Group family brands.

John Colborn

Systems/Manufacturing Engineer
Setaysha Technical Solutions


John is a lifetime lover of water who was first scuba certified twelve years ago. Despite his love of scuba, John sought an easier way to enjoy the underwater world at depths where scuba diving remains impractical. John’s enthusiasm and profound professional background fueled the founding of Setaysha Technical Solutions, a company dedicated to making breathing underwater easier, more comfortable and accessible – a mission that perfectly integrates with ours here at BLU3. He is excited to now apply his twenty years of combined experience in manufacturing engineering and product development to bring forward BLU3 products that serve new and existing market spaces.

David Golubev

Sales & Marketing
BLU3, Inc.


David is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia but has called the United States East Coast his home for over 25 years. Having traveled extensively, he has developed a great passion for the outdoors and advocates for exploring it while respecting it. David's passion for the outdoors combined with his love of innovative marketing practices are the perfect fit for BLU3's mission to connect more people with the underwater world.