Join the Dive Revolution with BLU3 in Pool Environments

Ready to set your pool apart? Introduce the BLU3 diving systems, designed to make underwater adventures less intimidating and more accessible than traditional scuba diving. Our sleek, lightweight equipment ensures ease of use, allowing even the most tentative of newcomers to feel at ease with your guides. By embracing BLU3, you're not just offering a dive training; you're offering an experience that's more approachable and inviting. Transform the way your patrons perceive and enjoy diving. Dive into the future, and make your pool the talk of the town. Apply now to be a part of this game-changing movement.

Young divers at Deep Dive Dubai experiencing their first dive with the BLU3 Nomad system.

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First-time diver enjoying underwater experience with BLU3 dive system in a pool.

Advantages of Integrating BLU3 Systems in Pool Settings

BLU3 systems redefine what it means to experience diving in controlled environments, such as swimming pools. Here’s how you can benefit:

Legacy and Innovation Combined

Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™: Our sister company has led the charge in tankless diving for over 50 years. Renowned for their emphasis on safety and convenience, they've been instrumental in revolutionizing the dive industry.
BLU3: Building on that legacy, we founded BLU3 with a mission to make diving more accessible and versatile. We focus on crafting lightweight and portable dive systems that continue to redefine aquatic experiences in various settings, including pools.

The BLU3 Commitment

Unlock a New Wave of Pool Divers with BLU3. Our innovative systems draw those who might shy away from traditional scuba, expanding your customer base. 

Pool operator instructing a diver using the BLU3 system.

Our complimentary PDF booklet detailing seamless pool operations with BLU3, Download Now.

The Nemo Dive System
Rated 5 Stars

by Frank Hoffman

"I was shocked at how user friendly..."

I've always wanted to scuba dive, without the scuba stuff. It all just seems intimidating. So after going over some alternatives, this seemed like the logical step. After you take the well put together online course, you're pretty much ready to hit the water. The Nomad worked amazingly on its first use! I was shocked at how user friendly the whole thing is and how comfortable I felt going out and using it. This is really a great product and I look forward to many more adventures with it!

The Nemo Dive System
Rated 5 Stars

by Gabriel Garcia

" only took a few minutes to setup!"

I have had my eyes on the Nemo for a while after seeing Michael Oliver on YouTube, it seemed like a very practical machine because of its size and weight. I have my scuba diving license and I know first hand what a pain it is to carry your diving gear down to a beach or to a unique hidden spot and I am not a fan of it. When I got the Blu3 Nemo I was not sure how good it would be. It came with a nice backpack and was pretty straight forward setting it up. I tried it in a pool first so I could get a feel for it. Then I went tot my local lake and did some underwater metal detecting. It was so it easy to carry it down to the swim hole I was going to metal detect in and only took a few minutes to set up. Only difference I noticed was that I had to breath in a bit more than a regular scuba tank so I could activate air delivery system, but after a few minutes I did not even notice this, I was underwater for about 35 minutes the first time and how not issues. Plenty of battery left. Look forward to using it more in the summer.

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