About Us - BLU3

(pronounced "blue" like the color of the ocean)

BLU3 is an innovative company steadfastly dedicated to crafting the most user-friendly dive systems to ever float on the ocean’s surface. Our battery-powered, tankless dive systems are transforming the way people engage with the underwater world through our patented Smart Reg™ technology.

We are proud of our latest creation, Nomad Mini, designed to bring the best of our previous offerings in a compact, versatile package. Nomad Mini combines the portability of our phased out Nemo with enhanced performance, offering a depth of 15 feet, adding an optional DiveBoost kit allows divers to extend dive time.. You can learn more about Nomad Mini here: diveblu3.com/product/nomad-mini. Our Nomad, designed for a depth of 30 feet and weighing just 15lbs, continues to be a favorite among divers. Learn more about Nomad here: diveblu3.com/product/nomad

At BLU3, our passion is ignited by the thrill of introducing people to the wonders beneath the waves in a way that inspires conservation and protection of our oceans. We strive to make the underwater world more accessible in a manner that fosters environmental consciousness. This is the essence of #diveBLU3.

BLU3, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the public company Brownie’s Marine Group (BWMG), benefits from the expertise of its sister company, Brownie’s Third Lung, a leader in surface-supplied diving products for over 50 years. This means that BLU3 products are backed by decades of experience you can trust.

We are proudly headquartered in Florida, USA, allowing our team to design, build, and test our products right in our own backyard. Our innovations have global appeal, with our systems shipped to over 50 countries around the world.

It is through our relentless commitment to research and development that we’ve been able to create the world’s smallest dive system.