Portable Underwater Breathing Device

Experience the smoothest transition to breathing underwater with BLU3's Nomad Mini and Nomad underwater breathing devices.

With a portable underwater breathing device, BLU3 offers more people a chance to explore the other part of our planet, the underwater world   beyond what snorkeling can offer without all the heavy equipment and other hassles that come with scuba diving.

BLU3 products provide a bridge between snorkeling and SCUBA.

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Snorkeling & Traditional Scuba Diving vs. Portable Underwater Breathing Devices: What's the Difference

Snorkeling and scuba diving are well-known ways of exploring underwater seascapes, but each comes with its own issues. Snorkeling is simple, easy and accessible to almost anyone but it often leaves you wishing for more. Scuba gear is bulky and can weigh up to 55 lbs or more  learning a new skill with all that gear is often intimidating, giving scuba a much higher barrier to entry.

When you crave a world beyond the capabilities of snorkeling but get overwhelmed by the gear required for scuba diving, our underwater breathing devices are the perfect in-between.

Through relentless determination and commitment to development and research, we've created a user-friendly mini underwater breathing device to introduce people ages 8 and up (starting in the pool) to the wonderful world of life beneath the water. Let's explore some of the differences that stem from our innovations.

Nomad Mini: An Underwater Breathing Device for Learning Divers

The Nomad mini underwater breathing device is the world's smallest dive system at just 1/4 the size of scuba gear.

Diver exploring underwater using the Nomad Mini dive system

Nomad Mini is perfect for first-time divers (with prior snorkeling experience) and those still getting their bearings under the surface. BLU3 guided tours are a great resource to help these first-time divers feel more comfortable taking the challenge head-on. With a maximum depth of 15 feet, the Nomad Mini can help new divers search for treasure, discover a new world of fish and reefs or simply have fun experiencing weightlessness in the pool at home.

Discover the freedom of the sea with the Nomad Mini underwater breathing device, offering a dive time of 35-40 minutes per battery. Enhance your diving adventure with the integration of the DiveBoost Kit™, which facilitates the connection of an additional battery to extend your dive time. Make your next boating excursion an unforgettable adventure, with extended dive times for the whole family.

Discover the durability of the Nomad Mini underwater breathing system for yourself today. With tons of customer reviews and informative videos of the Noamd Mini in action, we've got all the resources you need to verify before you buy.

Nomad: An Underwater Breathing Device for the Experienced

If you're a bit more experienced under the surface and want to dive deeper than 10 feet, the Nomad portable underwater breathing device is your solution.

Diver exploring underwater with the Nomad tankless dive system

Offering the same level of performance an user-friendliness, the Nomad portable underwater breathing device gives more advanced snorkelers and divers the chance to go to depths of 30 feet. This allows for a better glimpse of the often unseen world beneath the water. With an average battery life of 45-60 minutes, you'll have plenty of time for the perfect underwater adventure. Of course, the swappable battery system makes it easy to keep the fun going for hours, just like the Nomad Mini. Within 20 seconds you'll have a fresh battery ready for action.

While the Nomad is bigger, it's still compact and lightweight. We offer a true portable underwater breathing device that makes for the perfect travel companion in the car, on the boat or in the air.

The Nomad portable underwater breathing device is like the Nomad Mini but deeper. It's like scuba diving but simpler. It's the perfect in-between for any diver. Purchase yours today.

BLU3 Training vs. Scuba Diving

BLU3 Training vs SCUBA Diving

Scuba diving is an exciting hobby, but sometimes the training can overwhelm individuals at the start.

Diving with a BLU3 underwater breathing device still requires training, and SCUBA certification is always encouraged as well. Learning to dive with Nomad Mini is recommended because the gear involved is more of a stepping stone between snorkeling and SCUBA, so it is not as overwhelming for new divers. BLU3 provides users with multiple opportunities to learn depending on their needs in the form of a completely self-paced free online dive training course and fun-filled guided tours.

BLU3 dive training courses and guided tours are able to help new divers get more comfortable with the concepts used for scuba diving. That means when you eventually want to dive deeper than 30 feet, you'll already have a large store of specialized knowledge to help you get your scuba certification. The BLU3 Online Dive Training Course can make the transition to scuba diving a smoother process.

Finding The Best Dive Sites

We've already mentioned the limits of snorkeling  you're severely restricted when exploring under the water. Scuba diving comes with its own restrictions as well.

Because scuba diving depends on a diver having access to an air compressor to refill their tanks, it becomes a challenge to explore remote locations. Not to mention traveling with all that bulky scuba gear is a challenge all on its own. It's a well-known fact that if you're flying with scuba equipment, you'll pay for a good deal of extra baggage to get to your destination. In addition, scuba tanks need to be empty when traveling and require refills once you arrive at your final destination. Any scuba diver is limited to local dive shops to fill their dive tanks, meaning they must waste valuable vacation time that could be spent in the water. With BLU3, you can explore wherever you want, whenever you want.

Finding the Best Dive Sites with BLU3

Dive Gear Comparison

Traditional Scuba Diving

Traditional Scuba Diving

Traditional scuba diving requires a diver to rent or purchase a significant amount of diving equipment, and those expenses add up quite a bit over time. For example, you'll need to refill your air after every dive, meaning you'll either need to visit a shop during open hours or buy a home refill station which can cost thousands of dollars.

In addition to air refills, you can expect to use the following gear with every dive:

  • Buoyancy Compensator
  • First Stage Regulator
  • Second Stage Regulator
  • Advanced Dive Computer (for deeper dives)
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Pressurized Gas Tanks
  • Other Equipment for Different Scenarios
Diving with BLU3

BLU3 Mini Underwater Breathing Device

With a BLU3 mini underwater breathing device, you won't need the extra bulky equipment to get under the water.

Everything you'll need to get started is lightweight and easily fits into the compact backpack that comes with each system. The only extra equipment you'll need to bring to the dive with the Nomad Mini or Nomad is:

You'll also never have to worry about refilling a 38 lb scuba tank. Simply swap out your Nomad Mini or Nomad Battery and keep diving.

With a BLU3 mini underwater breathing device, you won't need the extra bulky equipment to get under the water. Everything you'll need to get started is lightweight and easily fits into the compact backpack that comes with each system. You'll even have room to spare for flippers, your phone and other essentials. You'll also never have to worry about refilling a 38 lb scuba tank so you can dive all day without hassle. All you have to do is swap out the battery and keep diving.

It's simple, BLU3 is diving made easier.

Frequently Asked Questions: Portable Underwater Breathing Devices

We get a lot of questions about our portable underwater breathing devices. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked ones. Check out our full FAQ page for more details if you still have questions.

What Are the Age Limits to Use a BLU3 Underwater Breathing Device?

Users must be at least eight years of age or older to dive with the Nemo or Nomad mini underwater breathing device in a pool or water shallow enough to stand with their head above the surface. We recommend that Nemo users must be at least 10 to dive outside a pool, and Nomad users must be at least 12. Divers under 18 should always have a parent or guardian with them.

Can You Recharge a BLU3 Underwater Breathing Device In a Car or Boat?

Yes, with an inverter, it's possible to charge our underwater breathing devices from a DC source. We recommend using an inverter with a power rating of 100 W or more for either device.

How Does a Diver Know When Their Underwater Breathing Device Battery Is Depleted?

The Nemo underwater breathing device gradually declines in airflow performance during the final minutes of battery life to gently alert the diver the battery will be depleted soon.

As the Nomad's battery gets closer to complete depletion, it begins to sputter with slight delays in airflow in the middle of each breath. These minor delays will cause a pulsating sensation that will be noticeably different from normal airflow. These are the signals to conclude the dive and start your ascent.

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