Risk Management

This method of diving has existed for decades, with minimal incidents. BLU3 products are a more user-friendly, innovative approach to an existing way of experiencing the water. We look forward to introducing many new people to the underwater world and safety is our number one priority.

BLU3 Online Dive Training Course

Prior to Nemo/Nomad Diving, it is required that each user completes and passes the BLU3 Online Dive Training Course. This course is available free of charge online on a user-friendly platform. It teaches users how to have the most enjoyable BLU3 Diving experience by thoroughly explaining important diving techniques and emergency procedures.

Low Battery Behavior

Nemo gradually declines in air flow performance in the final minutes of battery life to gently alert the user that the battery is going to be fully depleted soon. Nomad features a pulsating low-battery behavior that becomes more frequent as battery nears depletion. You should always start with a full battery, and then monitor your run time while diving so that you can ascend prior to the battery depleting.

Fitness to Dive Evaluation

We have developed an evaluation form to help you determine if you should be examined by a physician prior to diving. If you have any doubt about your fitness to dive, then you must obtain approval to dive from a physician. You can view and print the BLU3 Fitness to Dive Evaluation here:

Redundant Air Supply

BLU3 recommends a redundant air supply like Spare Air® for for emergency situations, although the BLU3 Online Dive Training Course teaches users how to make a proper ascent in any out-of-air situation.