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Our 1.1lb plastic coated slug weights conform to your body contours and fit easily in and out of the holsters in the weight belt to ensure fine-tuned balance, buoyancy and comfort.

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Proper weighting is essential to achieving neutral buoyancy while Nomad Diving. This is key to having an exciting and enjoyable dive, and you should be sure to find the proper amount of weight for you.

Determining the correct amount of weight for you

Before diving, you must ensure you are properly weighted. To determine the amount of weight you will need to follow these steps: 

  1. While wearing a mask and floating upright in the water with your head at eye level to the water surface, inhale and briefly hold your breath. The water surface should be below eye level. 
  2. Now exhale, and you should start to sink slowly. 
  3. If you performed this exercise and sank slowly then you probably do not need any weight. However, if you still remain at the surface after exhaling, this is when you may want to add small amounts of weight to your weight belt, usually in two-slug increments, and try step #1 again.  
  4. Then transition your body to a floating position and assess whether the weight you added/removed is sufficient for you to remain neutrally buoyant. 

Saltwater vs freshwater

You should keep in mind that in freshwater, you will require less weight to achieve neutral buoyancy than you will in saltwater. A general guide is that you will need approximately 4 pounds more in saltwater than in freshwater. However, it is possible that you will not need any weight at all, especially in freshwater. If your first dive is in freshwater, consider that you may not need much weight, if any. 

Distributing the weights

For proper balance, buoyancy, and control, weights should be evenly distributed on hips, slightly toward the front of each hip bone. Use the clip-on weight straps to make quick adjustments using the D-ring on the belt to make quick adjustments.


ECO friendly

Use across range of products

Conforms to body contours

Easily slide in and out of holsters in webbing

Fine tune balance and buoyancy

Patented weight locking system

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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in



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