Try Nomad: Your First Dive in the Pool

Dive in and get a splash of the future with Nomad! You'll get to feel the ease of use and accessibility of state-of-the-art diving gear under the guidance of our expert instructors.

We've got your questions covered and will ensure you have a blast while learning about your potential new underwater companion. Some locations even offer free tails , so why wait? Take the plunge, make a splash, and experience the future of underwater exploration with Nomad!"

1. Watch the 15 minute training video.

2. Sign the Smartwaiver provided to you by the pool operator. 

3. Get geared up and discuss concepts from the training video with your dive guide.

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Nomad Trail Locations

BLU3 Pool Trial at Dixie Divers

Join us at Dixie Divers for a unique chance to dive into the underwater world with BLU3's exclusive "Try Before You Buy" program. This is a FREE trail dive of our revolutionary product - Nomad, designed for diving enthusiasts aged 8 and above!

First-time diver enjoying underwater experience with BLU3 dive system in a pool.

(Deerfield Beach, Florida)

BLU3 Dive Experience at Deep Dive Dubai

Explore sunken city up to 30 feet while using the Nomad, surface-supplied dive system. Your experience starts with a short briefing and an introduction to the equipment you will be using. This is followed by a shallow-water, familiarization session, and you are off to explore Deep Dive Dubai’s sunken city.

NAS Sports Complex - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Bring the BLU3 Experience to Your Pool: Explore Partnership Opportunities

Are you interested in offering a thrilling new experience at your pool? Consider hosting a BLU3 demo! We provide exciting partnership opportunities for you to introduce the joys of underwater exploration to your community.

What sets BLU3 apart is our innovative design and user-friendly technology. Our Nomad and Nomad Mini systems eliminate the need for heavy scuba tanks or large compressors, making it significantly more convenient to demonstrate and teach diving concepts in a pool setting.

By partnering with BLU3, you can offer a unique and engaging aquatic activity that's not only fun but also educational. It's a fantastic way to inspire a love for diving and aquatic exploration.