Like any water-related activity, diving comes with risk.

This method of diving has existed for decades, with minimal incidents, BLU3 products are a more user-friendly, innovative approach to an existing way of experiencing the water. We look forward to introducing many new people to the underwater world, but safety will always remain our first concern. The well-being of our BLU3 divers is our first priority. Here are the safety features we’ve currently developed and more innovation is sure to come.

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We have a comprehensive training program provided free with each of our products. We also recommend reviewing that training in the water with a local dive instructor.

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Know when your battery is low

When your battery is approaching depletion, NEMO will gradually begin to reduce air flow at depth. The user will feel the need to slowly move to shallower depths during the final minutes of battery life. This is an indicator that the battery is low, and the diver should be prepared to conclude his or her dive.

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Always have a backup

We highly recommended a back-up air supply like Spare Air® for a safe ascent.

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The Buddy System

An important rule to diving of any kind is to never dive alone. So convince a buddy to go in on a Double Pack and dive BLU3 for two.