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For Products Under Warranty

Shipping Costs: If your system is within the warranty period and it appears that the service repairs are covered under warranty, BLU3 will cover the shipping costs for returning it to our service center. If the issue is not covered under BLU3’s limited warranty policy (, then BLU3 will not cover the shipping costs or any other costs associated with servicing of the product.

  • BLU3-Provided Shipping Label: We will provide an authorized shipping label for you to use when sending the product back to our service center. Using this label means there will be no out-of-pocket shipping costs for you.
  • Using Local Shipping Services: If for some reason you prefer or need to use a local shipping service, you must first obtain authorization from BLU3. After the product arrives at our service center for inspection, and the shipment was pre-authorized, we will reimburse the shipping costs incurred by you.
  • Note: Only shipments authorized by BLU3 will be eligible for reimbursement. Shipping the product without prior authorization means BLU3 will not cover the costs.
  • Initial Inspection: Upon receipt, our technicians will perform an external inspection. If the issue is evident and not due to user misuse, repairs will begin. If not, disassembly is required for further assessment. Disassembly helps determine if issues fall under BLU3’s limited warranty policy, like sand damage not seen externally.
  • Testing Policy: For safety reasons, once disassembled, we won’t return the product unassembled or if it doesn’t meet testing standards. It must be fully repaired and tested before return. Unrepairable products may be replaced or credited. Note: Products damaged by misuse aren’t covered by BLU3’s warranty and won’t be replaced or returned.
  • "Unrepairable" Products Due to User Misuse:
    • Unauthorized Repairs: Unauthorized fixes or modifications can cause irreparable damage.
    • Foreign Object Intrusion: Damage from foreign objects can cause malfunctions and hazards.
    • Non-Adherence to User Manual: Not following the manual can lead to preventable product damage.
  • Original Purchaser and Authorized Dealer Requirement: Warranty services are for original purchasers from BLU3 or its authorized resellers. Products from others or unauthorized sources are out-of-warranty.

For Products Out of Warranty

Shipping Costs: Users are responsible for all shipping costs (including any duties and taxes) to send their product to our service center.

  • Initial Inspection: Our technicians will conduct an external inspection upon receiving the product.
    • If the issue can be identified from external inspection, an estimated repair cost will be provided.
    • If the issue cannot be identified from external inspection, the product will be disassembled for a detailed assessment.
  • Testing Policy: For safety and liability reasons, once a product is disassembled, we will not return it to the user in its unassembled state or in a state that does not meet our minimum testing requirements. This means that the product will need to be fully repaired and tested prior to being returned to the user. This policy helps to ensure that consumers are protected from using or being sold a product deemed unfit for use.
  • Payment: If the product is repairable, an invoice will be sent. Repairs will commence once the invoice is settled. Please note that the product will be retained until full payment is received, and no items will be shipped before that. If the product is not repairable, BLU3 may offer a discount on a replacement product.

We understand the importance of clear communication and aim to make our repair process as transparent as possible. If you have further questions regarding our policy, please contact our customer support at

Shipping Instructions to BLU3 Service Center

BLU3 Repair Process Instructions

Thank you for choosing BLU3 for your diving needs. To ensure a seamless and efficient repair process, please follow the instructions below:

What to Send:

  • Send only the dive system with hose and harness unit and backpack.
  • Do NOT include any accessories or batteries in your shipment. Neither BLU3 nor its affiliated service centers will be held responsible for items not specified in the service form.

Box Markings:

  • If reusing a box, cover or remove any previous shipping labels or battery markings.
  • Clearly write the Serial Number of your dive system on the outside of the box. This helps in swift identification and processing.

Shipping Label:

  • We will provide an authorized shipping label for warranty-related repairs. Attach this label securely to the outside of your package.
  • If you're organizing the shipment yourself, ensure you receive authorization from BLU3 first. Only authorized shipments will be eligible for reimbursement.

Questions or Concerns:

  • We're here to help. Should you have any questions or need clarification on any step, please contact our support team at

Final Note:

Our aim is to get you back in the water as quickly as possible. We appreciate your trust, support, and patience during this process.