One of the largest and most diverse reefs in the world is located in the Caribbean. Honduras’ Bay Islands are not far from the mainland United States and offer secluded snorkeling and diving options in warm shallow waters along a protected reef. The Nemo portable dive gear can go anywhere you go, taking you from one island to the next to explore one of the most diverse coral populations in the region.

Best Backpacking Spots for Diving with Nemo Tankless Diving Systems

1. Mary’s Place

Among the most popular backpacking sites for diving, Mary’s Place is located on the south side of Roatan near Coxen Hole. While a deep crevice marks this dive spot, home to octopi, lobsters, and crabs, you can easily explore the shallows among the sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, seahorses, starfish, and groupers.

2. Chepes Beach

Chepes Beach is located on Utila’s coastline and is the perfect spot to try out your tankless diving systems. You don’t have to travel far from shore to discover patch reefs and shallow sand flats and discover everything from spotted trunkfish, sea turtles, yellow stingrays, dolphins, and more. You might even spot a whale shark here!

3. The Pinnacle

Guanaja Island’s fringing reef is a protected marine reserve with lush coral and sponges and a wild mix of pinnacles, walls, lava tunnels, and more. The Pinnacle is close to the channel wall, not far from Guanaja Island, with numerous species of black coral, bluebell tunicates, and crinoids as well as seahorses, spotted drums, groupers, and more at depths of just 10 feet in many spots.

The Bay Islands are located just 30 miles offshore and include nearly 100 islands, islets, and caves, including Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja. In some spots, the reef is so shallow that you will need to swim around rather than over it. It is home to numerous fish species, eagle rays, countless invertebrates, barrel sponges, and more. The Bay Islands are among the best backpacking spots for diving, and the Nemo portable dive gear makes it not just fun but surprisingly easy. You can simply strap on your Nemo and go. Everything you need to dive fits conveniently into the Nemo’s backpack, and when you are ready to dive, you can attach the comfortable harness and dive right in with no need for bulky tanks or uncomfortable suits. Learn more about our hookah diving system or get your Nemo today here