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Nemo is making way for the new Nomad Mini

Nemo is a compact dive system that supports 1 diver to 10 feet with a rechargeable battery pack that lasts over an hour.

Fully assembled in the United States of America.

Whether you’re an ocean explorer, poolside parent, treasure hunter, underwater photographer, self-sufficient boat owner, or in search of the latest yacht toy – Nemo is for you.


System Includes

Smart Reg
Dive Harness
Battery Pack
BLU3 Backpack
Red & White Dive Flag
Alpha Dive Flag
BLU3 Online Dive Training Course
Select from the drop-down how many batteries you will like (each battery includes a charger).

Choose Options:
Diving is an inherently risky activity. You are responsible for your own safety while using BLU3 products. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the BLU3 Waiver ( and you are acknowledging that you will: (1) Read and Understand the Nemo Owner's - Users Manual, (2) Complete the BLU3 Online Dive Training Course', (3) Complete the BLU3 Fitness to Dive Evaluation before diving with Nemo. Links to these materials are available on and will be provided with the product. Safe diving!
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Lightweight and Portable
Free BLU3 Online Dive Training Course
Airplane-Travel Friendly
World's Smallest Dive System


Weight: 10 lb / 4.5 kg
Max Depth: 10 Feet / 3 Meters
Run Time: 60-90 Minutes Per Battery
Battery Charge Time: 3 Hours


Treasure Hunting
Boat Maintenance
Swimming Pools
Learning Divers

Try Diving with Nemo Alongside a Dive Guide at Our Guided Tour Location in Florida

Dive Beyond the Surface with Nemo

Nemo is a tankless diving system, perfect for shallow-water diving. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows a single diver to dive up to 10 feet for 60-90 minutes or more. Whether you are treasure hunting, a recreational diver, or just seeking a travel-friendly adventure companion - Nemo is perfect for you.

Tankless Diving Adds Underwater Adventure To Your Boat Days

The Nemo tankless dive system is ultra-portable which means it is easy to carry and even travel with. It weighs less than 10 pounds and measures less than 12" on all sides. Even better, the Smart Reg™ monitors your breathing to ensure you get the most out of each dive by extending the life of your batteries.

woman underwater diving with BLU3 Nemo & stingray
smiling girl in large pool learning how to use Nemo dive system

Learn to Dive BLU3 In The Comfort Of Your Own Pool

The Nemo dive system was designed with ease in mind. Its compact size and maximum depth of 10 feet makes it an ideal candidate for leaning how to use it in the comfort of your own pool. Simply complete the BLU3 online dive training course and you're ready to start diving with Nemo!

woman using Nemo dive system in pool

World's Smallest Dive System

Nemo's compact design makes it the smallest and most user-friendly dive system on the market today.

Nemo is Airplane Friendly

Airplane Travel-Friendly

Nemo fits in carry-on luggage.


For a perfect transition between snorkeling and scuba diving.

The Nemo Design

Nemo is the world's smallest dive system, designed and assembled in Florida, USA! Enjoy easy storage and transportation with the BLU3 Backpack.

Designed with you in mind

Time is valuable. Nemo is hassle-free and easy to use. Spend more time underwater and less time filling tanks. Charge your battery and get out there!

Designed with application in mind

Durability is key. Nemo's proprietary air pump withstands saltwater intrusion without damage. All of Nemo's parts are corrosion resistant and simple to maintain.

Designed with safety in mind

Safety first. Our BLU3 Online Dive Training Course prepares you for your underwater adventures with Nemo, whether it's your first dive or your thousandth dive.

designed with quality in mind

Nemo is assembled in Pompano Beach, Florida from raw materials where we take quality seriously. 

The Nemo System
The Smart Reg™
The Compressor
The Battery Pack
Flotation Tube
The Air Hose
BLU3 Backpack

The Smart Reg™

What allows Nemo to be so compact, energy-efficient, and responsive is our patented Smart Reg™ – the first of its kind!

Here’s how it works: A silicone diaphragm inside the Smart Reg™ moves when the diver breathes. A waterproofed sensor measures the diaphragm movement – it then sends an electronic signal which triggers the compressor to pump air at exactly the time and speed that the diver is inhaling.

Nemo pumps only the exact pressure, volume, and flow rate that the diver needs at their particular depth which means it uses just a fraction of the energy of any other underwater breathing system. That’s why we can use smaller pumps, motors, and batteries – bringing you the most portable and affordable underwater breathing system ever!

The Compressor

We’re not just using some off-the-shelf compressor and sticking it in a box. Nemo’s compressor is an entirely custom design. We’ve built it specifically to ensure clean breathing air is supplied as efficiently and in as compact of a package as possible. Our engineers like to call the compressor an “oil-less linear two-cylinder brushless DC diaphragm pump, everyone else calls it “innovative.”

Nemo’s flotation foam gives the unit inherent buoyancy, just enough to float without the flotation tube added on, so you’ll never have to worry about the unit sinking. But always use the flotation tube for times when additional buoyancy, stability, and visibility are desired! (anywhere outside of the pool)


The Battery Pack

Nemo is powered by a custom lithium-ion battery pack that is swappable and rechargeable. The pack and connector are IP67-rated to handle saltwater environments. It’s under 100 Wh, so there are no issues with air travel! A charge-level indicator is located right on the battery itself so that you always know your battery level. Be sure to grab a few extra packs so that you can dive all day long!

Flotation Tube

Designed to give Nemo extra stability and visibility in open-water settings such as the ocean, the flotation tube provides an additional 22 pounds of buoyancy and is brightly colored so that family, friends, and by-passers can easily spot your location while you’re diving. The tube inflates with only 3 to 4 breaths and similarly deflates with ease. Not diving in an open-water setting like an ocean or lake? Nemo will float just fine without the flotation tube!

The Air Hose

Nemo’s 10-foot air hose is the perfect balance of weight, flexibility, and durability. The coils prevent the hose from kinking and make it super easy to handle. The buoyancy of the hose allows excess to float on the surface so that it stays clear of you, the marine environment, and other divers underwater.

BLU3 Backpack

Take Nemo with you to new dive spots around the world with the BLU3 Backpack, designed specifically to make carrying Nemo and the rest of your gear as easy as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions Nemo Phase Out


The Nemo dive system is being phased out to make way for our latest product, the Nomad Mini, which is the result of design updates stemming from users feedback on Nemo and Nomad. We have combined the best features of each to bring you the sweet spot between portability and performance


Nemo and Nomad Mini are both portable, battery-powered dive systems that are similar in size. Nomad Mini has several features that set it apart, including a more user-friendly experience, increased depth rating, and ability to add multiple batteries with the DiveBoost Kit. Air flow performance of Nomad Mini is improved relative to Nemo, but in exchange it does have a shorter expected battery run time of about 35-40 minutes per battery compared to the Nemo's 60-90 minute battery run time.


Nemo batteries may be used to power Nomad Mini, under certain conditions. When using Nemo batteries (that have a date code of 2023-03-24 or older) to power Nomad Mini, you must also use the DiveBoost Kit and two fully charged Nemo batteries at the same time. One Nemo battery cannot power the Nomad Mini alone as there is a risk it will shut off suddenly while in use.

Flotation Tube and Dry Bag Float:
The Nemo Flotation Tube can be used on Nomad Mini in addition to the Dry Bag Float that comes with Nomad / Nomad Mini.

If you purchased a Backpack with a Nomad, then it will fit Nomad Mini just fine. When storing Nomad Mini with DiveBoost Kit into the Backpack, there will be a bulge in the top of the backpack but it will zip. A Nomad backpack has a height of 9 inches.
Most backpacks purchased with Nemo are the same dimensions as those that come with Nomad and Nomad Mini, however some older Nemo backpacks have a shorter height. If the height of your backpack is 7 inches, then it will fit Nomad Mini without the DiveBoost Kit but there will be a bulge from the top of the backpack. Nomad Mini with the DiveBoost Kit attached will not fit into a backpack that has a height of 7 inches.


Yes, even though Nemo is currently being phased out, we will still offer service and warranty options for our Nemo customers. If you experience any issues with your Nemo, please contact our customer service team for assistance at

Frequently Asked Questions About Nemo Diving


Complete the BLU3 Online Dive Training Course before you start diving. We also encourage all Nemo users to read and fully understand the Owner's - Users Manual.


Yes! The BLU3 Backpack is purposely designed to meet requirements for carry-on luggage. While the Nemo batteries are lithium ion, they are small enough to be packed in carry-on luggage, as well. Bring this Air Travel Certificate with your batteries when traveling.


Yes you can! Your Nemo replacement battery only takes a moment to install and each battery can typically provide at least an hour of additional dive time.


WARNING: Nemo uses strong magnets. Magnets may interfere with pacemakers or medical implants. It is advised that persons with pacemakers or medical implants do not use Nemo. Persons with pacemakers or medical implants must stay back at least 2 feet from the Nemo main body at all times.

Prior to Nemo Diving, ALL USERS Must:

  1.  Read and understand the Nemo Owner's - Users Manual
  2.  Complete the BLU3 Fitness to Dive Evaluation
  3.  Complete the BLU3 Online Dive Training Course 

All Users must be able to:

  1.  Swim 200 yards without stopping, without a time limit
  2.  Tread water for 10 minutes continuosly

Age Limits:

  1. Users must be 8 years of age or older to Nemo dive, but are restricted to diving in a swimming pool only, in water shallow enough so that they can stand with their head above the surface of the water.
  2. Users must be 10 years of age or older to dive outside of the pool.
  3. Users under the age of 18 must have parental or guardian supervision at all times. 

Limited Warranty
Nemo comes with a One Year Limited Warranty. Click the link to learn more.

International Shipment Fees
International orders (outside of the US) will be subject to customs and duty fees of the country where your shipping address is located. You (the buyer) will be responsible for all customs and duty fees associated with importing to the country where your shipping address is located. Learn more about shipping & returns.

Nemo Accessories

On this page you can select your extra batteries. You may need some more gear for your Nemo Diving kit.

Here are a few additional items that are useful for Nemo Diving. Make sure to always check back here for fun, new accessories!

We'd Love if you visit our Google profile and leave us a review! Thank you.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 10 in

Battery Not Included, No Spare Battery, One Spare Battery, Two Spare Batteries


No Charger, 1 Charger (Standard), 2 Chargers (+30), 3 Chargers (+60)

99 reviews for Nemo

  1. Brad Welch

    Nemo is an awesome unit. Perfect for the underwater enthusiast and treasure hunter alike.
    I have been hunting the waters in Australia for the past 35yrs or so and getting a Nemo became a game changer.
    Scuba Certified here, so lugging and buying air was a bit of a setback until the Nemo came along. That small niche has now been covered.
    Love the portability and affordability both in price and recharging, gets me into the water quicker. I can get 2hrs a charge and with 3 batteries, that is about 6hrs dive time.
    One word – Awesome

    • David

      Thank you for sharing your incredible experience with the Nemo! We’re so happy to hear that it has changed the game for you and made underwater exploration and treasure hunting even more enjoyable. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to seeing what you discover with your Nemo in the future!

  2. Matt F.

    I purchased a Nemo for shallow water diving in Hawaii and am so happy I did I just bought a second Nemo for my kids to use. It is easy to set up and use. The training course was great for both myself and my kids. We can’t wait to go to Hawaii again and use our Nemo’s. Snorkeling is fun, but being underwater is even better. I will be using my Nemo to underwater metal detect for treasure, something I wouldn’t want to do with heavy tanks and diving equipment. Nemo opened a new underwater world for me!

    • David

      Thank you for sharing your experience with the BLU3 Nemo! We’re thrilled to hear that you and your kids are enjoying the underwater world with our product. It’s great to know that our training course was helpful to you and your family as well. We hope your Nemo serves you well on your future underwater treasure hunts in Hawaii and beyond!

  3. Bruce Copping (verified owner)

    Nemo functioned as advertised. Breathing feels different than with scuba, but workable. My only disappointment is that the reef in 10 feet of water near me is tough with Nemo because the 12 inches or so of hose curling around behind my neck means I can only get down to 9 feet and it’s hard for me to see under the ledge. A 12 foot hose would have been terrific. Definitely light weight and easy to get to my dive site.

    • David

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We’re glad to hear that the Nemo performed as expected. We appreciate your feedback on the hose length and will take it into consideration for future product development. Happy diving!

  4. George Laws (verified owner)

    Purchased Nemo for a friend back in February 2020, he used for the past two summers without any problems, meanwhile I was lugging around my tank and all the gear that goes with for the past two summers wishing I had a Nemo, after witnessing firsthand the durability , and the ease of transporting and frankly I was shocked at how long the batteries lasted, in all our dives together the past two summers my Buddy never had to use the second battery, our dives consisted of 2 1/2 hours and less, It took two summers of watching my body use his Nemo ,I had to pull the trigger and buy one for myself, although I have not used mine yet I have full confidence in the durability and it will function flawlessly, can’t wait for next treasure season.

    • David

      Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the Nemo! We’re thrilled to hear that you and your friend have been able to enjoy longer dives with ease, and we hope that you continue to have great experiences with your Nemo. Thank you for choosing BLU3 and for your support!

  5. Jim

    Love my NEMO! Been using it to clean the bottom of our trawler and saves us from paying a diver to do it.

    • David

      Thank you for your review and we’re thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying your NEMO! It’s great to hear that it’s been useful for keeping the bottom of your trawler clean. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy using your NEMO!

  6. Adam Walton

    I broke my back 4 1/2 years ago, I didn’t think I would ever dive again because of the toll it takes wearing all the extra weight from the weight belt to the tanks. A couple of years ago I ran across the Nemo and just about every day since from March until November I’ve been diving, no tanks, I wear a weight belt so I can metal detect and clean out swimming areas around the state of Maine.

    I do record it and post videos on my YouTube channel:
    AEW Maine Treasure Adventures

    If you like the water, snorkeling, swimming, metal detecting I would highly recommend getting a Nemo (allows you to safely go to 10 feet deep) or a Nomad (allows you to safely go to 30 feet deep). It’s my favorite purchase that I’ve ever made. Blu3 is an amazing company because of the amazing people that work there. They have always helped me out with any questions that I’ve had.

    Blu3 also does some amazing things for the environment, by giving back. They also allow me and so many others this flexibility to cleanup the waterways without diving with tanks on.

    My goal is to eventually buy the Nomad and use both machines depending on how deep I need to go.

    Thank you Blu3

    • David

      Thank you for sharing your incredible experience with us and for your kind words about our team and products. We’re so happy to hear that our Nemo has allowed you to continue diving and exploring the underwater world without the burden of tanks and heavy gear. We’re also glad to know that our company’s commitment to the environment resonates with you. Thank you for your support and we can’t wait to see what amazing underwater treasures you’ll discover next.

  7. Michael (verified owner)

    This thing is awesome! We dive small creeks and rivers fossil hunting and they are perfect for what we do. Haven’t used a tank since we bought the Nemo. Easy to transport and easy to use. I do have a problem with 1 battery. For some reason it says it has a full charge and will power up the Nemo but when I go under it quits working. I haven’t contacted them about the issue so I can’t say if they would be easy to deal with on returns or not. I have 2 Nemo’s and 6 batteries so it hasn’t been a problem having 1 battery down yet. Other than that it’s a awesome product and we are very happy we found it!

    • David

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We’re thrilled to hear that the Nemo has been a great addition to your fossil hunting trips, and we appreciate your feedback regarding the battery issue you experienced. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and would be more than happy to assist you in resolving the issue. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at so we can work to make it right. Thanks again for your support and happy diving!

  8. Ryan Williams

    I purchased this to help me hand-scrub the algae stains in my swimming pool. It saved me from having to drain and acid-bathe a 40,000 gallon swimming pool during the California drought. The Nemo has been 100% reliable, and a joy to use. It is clearly well-constructed and engineered to last for years. Although I bought it for swimming pool maintenance, I’ve had so much fun using it that I am taking it with me to Hawaii on my next vacation. I can’t wait to revisit the places I tried snorkeling at last time, and getting a better look at the fish next time!

    • David

      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review! We’re thrilled to hear that the Nemo has exceeded your expectations and has made your swimming pool maintenance much easier. It’s also great to hear that you’re planning on taking it with you on your next vacation to Hawaii – we’re sure you’ll have a blast exploring the underwater world. Thanks for being a part of the BLU3 family!

  9. Spencer Brannon

    Bought this for my Lady as a Christmas present 2021. The unit has been very solid quality in both manufacturing and performance. It’s very easy to use and quickly get used to as well. Thanks for a great product to increase the fun level for Our time in the water!

    • David

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We are thrilled to hear that your Lady is enjoying her Nemo and that it has enhanced your time in the water. We appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to have fun with the product for years to come.

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