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Bright Weights 1.1lb slug weights slide easily in and out of this 59in or 78in long weight belt. Marine grade stainless steel buckle and D ring attached ensures ease of use and quick ditching.

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Bright Weights modular weight system available in Black, Yellow, Red Pink and BLUE. The system allows the diver to split their required weight to achieve the best trim. Bright Weights 1.1lb slugs slide easily in and out of this weight belt. Change weights without unthreading belt. Order the strap-on clips to make quick weight adjustments using the D-ring

How to shorten Bright Weights weight belt

After measuring the belt cut after the bright weights logo then use a lighter to melt the cut end. Be careful not to “mushroom” the end or else it won’t fit through the buckle. Lastly, it’s better to cut too little than too much. The cut piece can be used to store bright weights.

Key Features

Holds 1.1lb slug weights

Stainless steel buckle and utility D-ring

Quad stitched double webbing Flexible and comfortable when loaded

Change weights without un-threading belt

Patented weight locking design

Fine tune buoyancy

No weight retainers necessary

Weights not included

Available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in



Standard 59in


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