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The DiveBoost Kit is a powerful and portable accessory designed to enhance your underwater experience with the Nomad Mini. With the added power of the DiveBoost, you can dive deeper and longer, allowing you to explore more of the underwater world. The DiveBoost Kit can be easily added to your Nomad Mini.

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Here are a few of the most exciting design considerations:

The DiveBoost™ Kit allows for use of more than one battery at a time so you can dive for longer without swapping the battery. 
Nomad Mini batteries boast a 20% greater capacity than the Nemo batteries. Existing Nemo owners can seamlessly upgrade to the Nomad Mini without purchasing new batteries. Furthermore, traveling with the Nomad Mini batteries is more convenient than with Nomad batteries due to their being less than 100 Wh.
Nomad Mini Boost Kit Attachment

Frequently Asked Questions About DiveBoost Kit

What makes the DiveBoost Kit so special?

The DiveBoost™ Kit is equipped with advanced electronics that enable the simultaneous use of multiple lithium-ion batteries. This unique DiveBoost technology allows users to stack batteries, significantly extending your dive time. With the ability to stack up to two DiveBoost kits, you can maximize your underwater exploration. However, please note that while it extends dive time, it doesn't increase the depth rating of your Nomad Mini.

Is the DiveBoost Kit compatible with Nemo or Nomad? 

No, the DiveBoost Kit is designed specifically for use with the Nomad Mini.

Will the DiveBoost Kit come with the Nomad Mini?

The DiveBoost Kit is an add-on accessory for the Nomad Mini. Depending on the package you select, the DiveBoost Kit will either ship together with your Nomad Mini or be dispatched in a separate box.

How much longer can I dive with the DiveBoost Kit?

Take your underwater adventures to the next level with the DiveBoost Kit for Nomad Mini. Connect one DiveBoost Kit to your Nomad Mini for an extended run time of 60-80 minutes per battery. Need even more power? Connect a second DiveBoost Kit for an even longer dive time. Now you can explore deeper and longer than ever before


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Dimensions 13 × 6 × 8 in


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