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Nemo is making way for the new Nomad Mini

Nemo is a compact dive system that supports 1 diver to 10 feet with a rechargeable battery pack that lasts over an hour.

Fully assembled in the United States of America.

Whether you’re an ocean explorer, poolside parent, treasure hunter, underwater photographer, self-sufficient boat owner, or in search of the latest yacht toy – Nemo is for you.


System Includes

Smart Reg
Dive Harness
Battery Pack
BLU3 Backpack
Red & White Dive Flag
Alpha Dive Flag
BLU3 Online Dive Training Course
Select from the drop-down how many batteries you will like (each battery includes a charger).

Choose Options:
Diving is an inherently risky activity. You are responsible for your own safety while using BLU3 products. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the BLU3 Waiver ( and you are acknowledging that you will: (1) Read and Understand the Nemo Owner's - Users Manual, (2) Complete the BLU3 Online Dive Training Course', (3) Complete the BLU3 Fitness to Dive Evaluation before diving with Nemo. Links to these materials are available on and will be provided with the product. Safe diving!
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Lightweight and Portable
Free BLU3 Online Dive Training Course
Airplane-Travel Friendly
World's Smallest Dive System


Weight: 10 lb / 4.5 kg
Max Depth: 10 Feet / 3 Meters
Run Time: 60-90 Minutes Per Battery
Battery Charge Time: 3 Hours


Treasure Hunting
Boat Maintenance
Swimming Pools
Learning Divers

Try Diving with Nemo Alongside a Dive Guide at Our Guided Tour Location in Florida

Dive Beyond the Surface with Nemo

Nemo is a tankless diving system, perfect for shallow-water diving. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows a single diver to dive up to 10 feet for 60-90 minutes or more. Whether you are treasure hunting, a recreational diver, or just seeking a travel-friendly adventure companion - Nemo is perfect for you.

Tankless Diving Adds Underwater Adventure To Your Boat Days

The Nemo tankless dive system is ultra-portable which means it is easy to carry and even travel with. It weighs less than 10 pounds and measures less than 12" on all sides. Even better, the Smart Reg™ monitors your breathing to ensure you get the most out of each dive by extending the life of your batteries.

woman underwater diving with BLU3 Nemo & stingray
smiling girl in large pool learning how to use Nemo dive system

Learn to Dive BLU3 In The Comfort Of Your Own Pool

The Nemo dive system was designed with ease in mind. Its compact size and maximum depth of 10 feet makes it an ideal candidate for leaning how to use it in the comfort of your own pool. Simply complete the BLU3 online dive training course and you're ready to start diving with Nemo!

woman using Nemo dive system in pool

World's Smallest Dive System

Nemo's compact design makes it the smallest and most user-friendly dive system on the market today.

Nemo is Airplane Friendly

Airplane Travel-Friendly

Nemo fits in carry-on luggage.


For a perfect transition between snorkeling and scuba diving.

The Nemo Design

Nemo is the world's smallest dive system, designed and assembled in Florida, USA! Enjoy easy storage and transportation with the BLU3 Backpack.

Designed with you in mind

Time is valuable. Nemo is hassle-free and easy to use. Spend more time underwater and less time filling tanks. Charge your battery and get out there!

Designed with application in mind

Durability is key. Nemo's proprietary air pump withstands saltwater intrusion without damage. All of Nemo's parts are corrosion resistant and simple to maintain.

Designed with safety in mind

Safety first. Our BLU3 Online Dive Training Course prepares you for your underwater adventures with Nemo, whether it's your first dive or your thousandth dive.

designed with quality in mind

Nemo is assembled in Pompano Beach, Florida from raw materials where we take quality seriously. 

The Nemo System
The Smart Reg™
The Compressor
The Battery Pack
Flotation Tube
The Air Hose
BLU3 Backpack

The Smart Reg™

What allows Nemo to be so compact, energy-efficient, and responsive is our patented Smart Reg™ – the first of its kind!

Here’s how it works: A silicone diaphragm inside the Smart Reg™ moves when the diver breathes. A waterproofed sensor measures the diaphragm movement – it then sends an electronic signal which triggers the compressor to pump air at exactly the time and speed that the diver is inhaling.

Nemo pumps only the exact pressure, volume, and flow rate that the diver needs at their particular depth which means it uses just a fraction of the energy of any other underwater breathing system. That’s why we can use smaller pumps, motors, and batteries – bringing you the most portable and affordable underwater breathing system ever!

The Compressor

We’re not just using some off-the-shelf compressor and sticking it in a box. Nemo’s compressor is an entirely custom design. We’ve built it specifically to ensure clean breathing air is supplied as efficiently and in as compact of a package as possible. Our engineers like to call the compressor an “oil-less linear two-cylinder brushless DC diaphragm pump, everyone else calls it “innovative.”

Nemo’s flotation foam gives the unit inherent buoyancy, just enough to float without the flotation tube added on, so you’ll never have to worry about the unit sinking. But always use the flotation tube for times when additional buoyancy, stability, and visibility are desired! (anywhere outside of the pool)


The Battery Pack

Nemo is powered by a custom lithium-ion battery pack that is swappable and rechargeable. The pack and connector are IP67-rated to handle saltwater environments. It’s under 100 Wh, so there are no issues with air travel! A charge-level indicator is located right on the battery itself so that you always know your battery level. Be sure to grab a few extra packs so that you can dive all day long!

Flotation Tube

Designed to give Nemo extra stability and visibility in open-water settings such as the ocean, the flotation tube provides an additional 22 pounds of buoyancy and is brightly colored so that family, friends, and by-passers can easily spot your location while you’re diving. The tube inflates with only 3 to 4 breaths and similarly deflates with ease. Not diving in an open-water setting like an ocean or lake? Nemo will float just fine without the flotation tube!

The Air Hose

Nemo’s 10-foot air hose is the perfect balance of weight, flexibility, and durability. The coils prevent the hose from kinking and make it super easy to handle. The buoyancy of the hose allows excess to float on the surface so that it stays clear of you, the marine environment, and other divers underwater.

BLU3 Backpack

Take Nemo with you to new dive spots around the world with the BLU3 Backpack, designed specifically to make carrying Nemo and the rest of your gear as easy as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions Nemo Phase Out


The Nemo dive system is being phased out to make way for our latest product, the Nomad Mini, which is the result of design updates stemming from users feedback on Nemo and Nomad. We have combined the best features of each to bring you the sweet spot between portability and performance


Nemo and Nomad Mini are both portable, battery-powered dive systems that are similar in size. Nomad Mini has several features that set it apart, including a more user-friendly experience, increased depth rating, and ability to add multiple batteries with the DiveBoost Kit. Air flow performance of Nomad Mini is improved relative to Nemo, but in exchange it does have a shorter expected battery run time of about 35-40 minutes per battery compared to the Nemo's 60-90 minute battery run time.


Nemo batteries may be used to power Nomad Mini, under certain conditions. When using Nemo batteries (that have a date code of 2023-03-24 or older) to power Nomad Mini, you must also use the DiveBoost Kit and two fully charged Nemo batteries at the same time. One Nemo battery cannot power the Nomad Mini alone as there is a risk it will shut off suddenly while in use.

Flotation Tube and Dry Bag Float:
The Nemo Flotation Tube can be used on Nomad Mini in addition to the Dry Bag Float that comes with Nomad / Nomad Mini.

If you purchased a Backpack with a Nomad, then it will fit Nomad Mini just fine. When storing Nomad Mini with DiveBoost Kit into the Backpack, there will be a bulge in the top of the backpack but it will zip. A Nomad backpack has a height of 9 inches.
Most backpacks purchased with Nemo are the same dimensions as those that come with Nomad and Nomad Mini, however some older Nemo backpacks have a shorter height. If the height of your backpack is 7 inches, then it will fit Nomad Mini without the DiveBoost Kit but there will be a bulge from the top of the backpack. Nomad Mini with the DiveBoost Kit attached will not fit into a backpack that has a height of 7 inches.


Yes, even though Nemo is currently being phased out, we will still offer service and warranty options for our Nemo customers. If you experience any issues with your Nemo, please contact our customer service team for assistance at

Frequently Asked Questions About Nemo Diving


Complete the BLU3 Online Dive Training Course before you start diving. We also encourage all Nemo users to read and fully understand the Owner's - Users Manual.


Yes! The BLU3 Backpack is purposely designed to meet requirements for carry-on luggage. While the Nemo batteries are lithium ion, they are small enough to be packed in carry-on luggage, as well. Bring this Air Travel Certificate with your batteries when traveling.


Yes you can! Your Nemo replacement battery only takes a moment to install and each battery can typically provide at least an hour of additional dive time.


WARNING: Nemo uses strong magnets. Magnets may interfere with pacemakers or medical implants. It is advised that persons with pacemakers or medical implants do not use Nemo. Persons with pacemakers or medical implants must stay back at least 2 feet from the Nemo main body at all times.

Prior to Nemo Diving, ALL USERS Must:

  1.  Read and understand the Nemo Owner's - Users Manual
  2.  Complete the BLU3 Fitness to Dive Evaluation
  3.  Complete the BLU3 Online Dive Training Course 

All Users must be able to:

  1.  Swim 200 yards without stopping, without a time limit
  2.  Tread water for 10 minutes continuosly

Age Limits:

  1. Users must be 8 years of age or older to Nemo dive, but are restricted to diving in a swimming pool only, in water shallow enough so that they can stand with their head above the surface of the water.
  2. Users must be 10 years of age or older to dive outside of the pool.
  3. Users under the age of 18 must have parental or guardian supervision at all times. 

Limited Warranty
Nemo comes with a One Year Limited Warranty. Click the link to learn more.

International Shipment Fees
International orders (outside of the US) will be subject to customs and duty fees of the country where your shipping address is located. You (the buyer) will be responsible for all customs and duty fees associated with importing to the country where your shipping address is located. Learn more about shipping & returns.

Nemo Accessories

On this page you can select your extra batteries. You may need some more gear for your Nemo Diving kit.

Here are a few additional items that are useful for Nemo Diving. Make sure to always check back here for fun, new accessories!

We'd Love if you visit our Google profile and leave us a review! Thank you.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 10 in

Battery Not Included, No Spare Battery, One Spare Battery, Two Spare Batteries


No Charger, 1 Charger (Standard), 2 Chargers (+30), 3 Chargers (+60)

99 reviews for Nemo

  1. Mike Brady (verified owner)

    I’m completely enamored and in my second season with my NEMO. As a”young-ish” 60 year old, my wreck diving days are behind me. I’m out in the bays & beaches everychance I get. Cleaning up trash, treasure hunting and just generally enjoying the underwater environment as I always had….but so much more conveniently. I spent the pandemic watching Michael Oliver doing wonderful work as a steward of his local ecosystem and I WAS HOOKED. Can’t wait to get back out this week.

  2. Jeff W

    I purchased the Nemo set up to clean my swimming pool. It’s a whole lot more fun blowing bubbles while cleaning than standing on the deck! It’s a fantastic set up. I bought 2 batteries so I can spend a good amount of time under. I have also taken the opportunity to involve my daughter in diving concepts for future fun in the islands! I have had no issues with the system. The Nemo is great set up! Recommended!

  3. Wesley (verified owner)

    Great product.
    And alot of fun on vacation or with metal detection.

  4. Zach

    Amazing product and the best customer service I’ve ever experienced!! I ordered my Nemo and got the wrong plug. So, I shot the team at blu3 an email and within hours I had a shipping number for the correct plug. I am extremely satisfied. Also, I would 100% recommend this for anyone who loves to scuba/ snorkel. It’s the perfect bridge between a scuba dive and a snorkeling session. The unit pulls air very easily and naturally. It also has a quick and easy set up. Great job to the team at blue!!

    • Emily Smith

      Hey Zach. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. It’s great to know that you’re loving Nemo so far! Thank you again for contacting us about the plug. Mistakes don’t happen often but when they do, we appreciate customers coming to us and allowing us to rectify the issue. Your glowing remarks regarding our service made our day. Thanks again, and have a wonderful rest of your week.
      Happy diving.

      -BLU3 Team

  5. Patrick Thompson

    Aloha Blu3 ohana,
    Love my Blu3 Nemo. So stoked to get to the next level under the sea finding treasures, recoveries and reef cleanup. After the quick customer service you’ve provided and have helped me out with, Blu3 has my 100% support and I proudly recommend this to everyone who ask me about what it is???? Mea aloha, Patrick

    • Emily Smith

      Aloha, Patrick! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. At BLU3, we strive to provide amazing customers like you with the best service so we thank you for noticing. Nemo can be used as a tool and a toy, so you’ll definitely be getting your use out of it! And It sounds like there’s a lot of fun to be had.
      Happy diving!

      -BLU3 Team

  6. Damon Jacobs (verified owner)

    This is an amazing unit for our underwater relic recovery team! We only have one certified SCUBA diver on the team, so this unit will be able to aid us with doing shallow water dives without having to get more members certified for SCUBA! Thank you so much BLU3 for the user friendly and simple user guides and certification course.

    • Emily Smith

      Hi Damon. Thanks for leaving us a review! It’s great to hear that you and your relic recovery team are enjoying your Nemos. Nemo is perfect for shallow dives and was intended to give water enthusiasts – like you – a substitute for scuba diving. It’s also awesome to know that you appreciated the free online training course and the Nemo Owner’s – Users Manual. We always encourage our BLU3 divers to complete the course and review the manual before their first dive on Nemo or Nomad.

      We hope you have a great day!
      -BLU3 Team

  7. Tim wah

    Definitely the future of scuba divig. I like the fact I only have to wear a weight belt and I’m not constricted as you are with a scuba BC. It’s definitely an awesome machine and highly suggest getting one.

    • Emily Smith

      Hi Tim! Thanks for the review. We are glad to hear that you’re enjoying your Nemo. Have a great day.

      -BLU3 Team

  8. Tae Hoon Kwon (verified owner)

    I ordered from South Korea for underwater metal detection. It’s a really good product. This portable system relieves stress on heavy scuba diving equipment. Please refer to the video below for my review:)

    • Emily Smith

      Hi Tae! It’s great to hear that you’re using Nemo for metal detecting. Thanks for taking the time out to link your awesome video too. Have a great day! -BLU3 Team

  9. Charles P. (verified owner)

    Have only used it a couple of times, but it is just right for what I purchased it for. I have a man-made pond in our back yard (about 7 feet deep at its deepest) and I wanted something that would allow me to stay under water while I clean the pond liner. Had to buy a weight belt so I could stay near the bottom easier as I scrubbed the liner. Very happy with the purchase so far.

    • Emily Smith

      “Hey Charles. How cool! It’s great to hear that you’re happy with the purchase. Nemo is great for underwater maintenance. Thanks for buying BLU3!” -BLU3 Team

  10. Seth (verified owner)

    I’ve been considering this purchase for about 1.5 years. I’ve watched many videos on this product, and similar products and recently decided on the Nemo for my situation. It is everything I expected. Excellent design and
    engineering from the product, to the backpack, and even shipping methods. This is one well thought out product. I spent almost an hour in the water this weekend. Buyers should plan to spend a 4-6 hours going through the online training program, practicing assembly at home, and finding a pool to practice basic diving skills. You will be pleased you spent the time getting to know the product once to get into open waters.

    • BLU3

      Hi Seth,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review.

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