What is Project Baseline?

Project Baseline mobilizes citizen-divers to record change in the world’s underwater environments and to engage with scientific, conservation, and government entities to advance the restoration and protection of our natural and cultural treasures.


  1. To document the health and vitality of the world’s underwater environments
  2. Increase public awareness of the health and threat to the world’s underwater environments
  3. Facilitate political action that improves and protects the health of the world’s underwater environments

The project baseline database contains timestamped images of waters around the world, allowing comparisons to be made so that researchers and the public can see the visible changes to our underwater environments.

Powerful images such as this one show the profound changes to our reefs. Many (if not all) due to human impact.

The dynamic duo

BLU3’s mission is to dive with a purpose and protect the waters we love for generations to come. This mission perfectly aligns with Project Baseline’s vision to realize exhaustive documentation of aquatic areas all over the world, allowing future generations of people to know the state of water through time.

Our goal with the BLU3 line is to fill the void between snorkeling and SCUBA diving. We want to make getting and staying underwater easier, more enjoyable, cheaper, and more rewarding. And on our way to getting millions of new people under the water, we have a very important and exciting mission that can be accomplished “fully documenting the world’s shallow reefs around the world to help build a future of healthy oceans.” Blake Carmichael, President/CEO of BLU3.

The NOMAD will have an integrated data recording system that will collect valuable data such as GPS, depth, and temperature. These readings can then be uploaded to an online database via a mobile app. The goal is to prevent “Environmental Amnesia” a term used to describe the unnoticed degradation of ocean health over decades.