Diving is not only a visual treat to the eyes, but really soothes your body and mind to the core. Be ready to explore underwater and discover beautiful life in the deep blue ocean with “Nemo” by BLU3, the world’s smallest tankless diving system.

Factors that Help you Minimize the Risk During Tankless Diving

Here are a few ways that help with risk management and ensure that you have a safe dive.

Online Dive Training Course

BLU3 offers a free, online accessible way to learn tankless diving techniques and procedures that will help keep your adventures with Nemo enjoyable. Before your toes even touch the water, get more comfortable with your tankless diving system by taking BLU3’s Nemo Online Dive Training Course.. Whether you are with Nemo in the deep blue ocean, lake, spring, or pool, you will always want to remember the rules of Nemo diving. The course will teach you critical info including the main rules of diving, how to equalize your ears, how to properly set up your Nemo, what to do in case of emergencies, and much more. Most diving courses can cost a great deal of money, but BLU3 has made this course completely free and accessible at diveblu3.teachable.com

Nemo’s Battery Life

When you are under the water for a long time, deciding when it’s time to go back up can be difficult. It is hard to determine exactly how much time has gone by when you are in the ocean, river, pool or lake. You should wear a watch to keep track of the time to help you know when to expect the battery to run low. As an additional notification to the diver, “Nemo” by BLU3 gradually declines the airflow output in the final minutes of the battery life to give you an indication that it’s time to slowly come back to the surface. As you will learn in the training course, you should never ascend faster than your smallest bubbles, or no faster than 1 foot per 2 seconds.

The Company of Your Buddies

When you dive with your buddies, you not only get to create shared memories for a lifetime, but you’ll also be much safer in a group. Having a companion or two by your side can make a big difference when accidents occur. So do your best to always dive with a buddy so that you can enjoy Nemo to the fullest!

About BLU3

BLU3 is an innovative tankless diving aid manufacturer set out to help divers explore the world’s reefs. The company aims to do this by helping millions of new people dive without heavy tanks on their backs. Their innovative technology is aimed at helping people create a bond with the ocean and to spread awareness for the need for cleaner ocean water for current and future generations.