First-time divers, expert divers, and everyone in between loves Nemo. Nemo offers you a novel opportunity to explore the underwater universe more freely. With Nemo, you can slip under the surface and get a new perspective on marine life with no tanks and no snorkels. Nemo’s tankless dive system is the ideal family-friendly outdoor activity idea that goes where you go with endless options to write your own adventure.

Why Nemo?

A better question might be, “Why not Nemo?” Whether you are looking for an outdoor activity idea or just a way to get away from it all, Nemo fits flawlessly into any holiday or vacation idea. Here are three great reasons to choose Nemo for your next family-friendly activity.

1. Because you need a getaway

How many times in the recent past have you wanted to shed the worries and stress of your day-to-day life? Nemo is a lightweight, highly portable tankless dive system that attaches without the need for complicated scuba equipment. You can simply strap the backpack on and go wherever the fancy takes you. Leave the worries behind as you slide into crystal clear waters and visit with anemones, corals, seahorses, fish, and more.

2. Because the Nemo offers a safe adventure for everyone in your group

Nemo is a fun-filled, family-friendly activity for everyone from 8 to 80 or more. With Nemo, your kids can develop a love for the great outdoors and an appreciation for the world around them. Older adults love Nemo, too: Diving is a gentle workout that is not too strenuous for joints but still offers plenty of cardiovascular conditioning benefits. Remember to practice safe diving techniques, and stay with your group.

3. Because Nemo is socially distanced fun

Health risks and worries have brought new challenges when it comes to vacations and holidays, but they’ve also given us a new appreciation for our loved ones and the times we share. While we have had to find new ways to connect while maintaining our distance, Nemo gives us a safer way to spend time together without getting too close. Underwater adventures enable you to share excitement and wonder as you appreciate the beauty and splendor of marine life.

Choosing Nemo

The Nemo tankless dive system is a convenient portable system perfect for use at home in your pool or on the go. Everything you need to use it fits comfortably into its backpack, which also features pockets for your fins, wallet, and phone. The tow-along design is lightweight and eliminates the need for bulky tanks while still giving you a new way to explore the world around you. Children should never dive without supervision, and children between eight and 10 should only dive in shallow pools for safety. Remember to never dive alone. Visit today to learn more about our tankless diving systems or to get your own!