BLU3 came to be from a series of events that conspired after an enterprising engineer walked into what he thought was just a conventional dive store. His name is Wesley Siebenthal and he was just looking for a dive flag on his way to dive. Google Maps brought him to the door of Brownie’s Third Lung and the headquarters of Brownie’s Marine Group.

Auspiciously, Robert Carmichael (RMC) “the founder and CEO of the establishment Wesley had walked into was sitting in the other room and overheard a conversation that peaked his interest. “I gotta go meet this guy,” he thought. The two quick-witted, serial-entrepreneurs hit it off and the ideas began to flow.

Blake Carmichael, Robert’s son, had accepted employment at Brownie’s Marine Group just a few weeks prior. The prodigy, ocean-loving, inventor had recently graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. With the three in a room together, the vision of an unbelievably portable and downright revolutionary product began to emerge. Wesley prioritized practicality and design, Blake focused on ease-of-use and optimizing features, and Robert saw the opportunity to create a consumer product with a deeper purpose. All leading to the creation of the company’s very first prototype: NOMAD by BLU3 in Summer 2017.

That Fall, the BLU3 team discovered a new product at the largest dive industry trade show, DEMA, that perfectly aligned with the company’s goals of making driving easier and more accessible. BLU3 and Setaysha Technical Solutions came to a licensing agreement in the first quarter of 2018 and development of NEMO ensued. When we found John Colborn and his Xplorkle last year, we were amazed by the engineering genius of it. Now, we’re amazed at how many improvements we’ve managed to make as a team. It’s as close to ‘perfect’ as we can possibly get. From performance to practicality, NEMO is all we want and more.

Check it out on Indiegogo: Nemo by BLU3