We have some exciting news! Last month we established a partnership with the Aquarium and Shark Lab by Team ECCO, in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

We are proud to have partnered up with Team ECCO in their mission to introduce and educate children and adults in Western North Carolina to the ocean and its inhabitants. We believe that their mission directly aligns with ours. That is, to expose as many people as possible to the beauty and life of the underwater world and help fuel the desire to protect the most abundant ecosystem on the planet. We only have one planet, and it is largely dependent on the health of the ocean. By providing more people with opportunities to enjoy life in the ocean, we believe that more people will begin to care for the ocean and focus on ways that we can preserve it for generations to come.

Team ECCO (“teamecco.org”) has come up with some creative ideas to use Nemo in their educational program, and we can’t wait to see what else they come up with this summer. BLU3 is seeking additional partnerships of this type to help further marine education. If you have ideas about how Nemo can be used to further marine education and would like to partner with BLU3, please visit the following link.

Why is Nemo ideal for environmental research? 

  1. Nemo is portable and easy to use so that the focus can remain more on the research and less on the typical hassles of SCUBA diving
  2. Nemo and the BLU3 Online Dive Training Course are perfect for first-time divers who are starting in marine research
  3. Nemo is battery powered which allows access to remote areas that do not have SCUBA tank refill stations
  4. Nemo is airplane approved so traveling to new dive locations is a breeze 

Who can help the underwater world?

Everyone can make a difference! Learning to dive with the Nemo Online Dive Training Course is a great first step. As you begin diving in your region, you may notice some dive spots that look healthy and some that don’t. With educational facilities like the Aquarium and Shark Lab by Team ECCO, you can do some research into what might be causing unhealthy environments and discover how you can help. There might be research already underway, which you can try to support by taking photos during your dive and sending them to the researchers as data. An organization that is collecting data like this worldwide is called Project Baseline. Participating in Project Baseline is a way for all divers of all levels to validate their training, create and grow local communities, and preserve the underwater world. You can learn more at projectbaseline.org. Everyone can do their part to help create a better future for our planet.

Learn more about Nemo or place your order today here: diveblu3.com/product/nemo