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Portable Tankless Scuba Dive Systems

Where the simplicity of snorkeling meets the thrill of scuba diving.

Enjoy diving on your own terms with a BLU3 tankless dive system. What is tankless diving exactly? We like to think of it as innovation. BLU3's tankless diving system gives divers an opportunity to experience the beauty of the underwater world without the constant worry of having heavy scuba tanks on hand. We carry two types of tankless dive systems: our Nemo Dive System for tankless diving up to 10-feet and our Nomad Dive System for depths up to 30-feet. 

Advantages of Tankless Diving

BLU3 builds tankless scuba diving systems that are super portable and user-friendly. Complete our free online training course to learn the rules of diving and practice your skills, then you can jump on a plane and travel with your Nemo or Nomad to a beautiful diving destination. No need to rent heavy, expensive equipment whenever you want to venture under the water.

BLU3’s portable diving systems are battery-powered, custom-designed compressors that float right behind you, providing air as you enjoy your underwater adventure. And when we say portable dive system, we mean it. The Nemo and Nomad tankless diving systems are lightweight, compact and are even airplane-friendly, so you can explore even more of this blue planet we call home. It's simple, BLU3 is diving made easier. 1% of our sales go toward ocean conservation through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, learn more about our commitment. 

Nemo Dive System

Smallest Size and Weight
Perfect for First Time Divers
Max Depth: 10 feet
Average Run Time: 60-90 Minutes
tankless diving with nemo

Nomad Dive System

Superior Performance and User-Friendliness
Great for Experienced Snorkelers/Divers
Max Depth: 30 feet
Average Run Time: 45-60 Minutes
tankless diving with nomad

The thrill of scuba diving.

The simplicity of snorkeling.


Mike B


loving my BLU3 Nemo

I'm absolutely loving my BLU3 Nemo. From the car to the water in minutes. I don't miss the tanks and the early morning

charters to enjoy my time underwater. I'm getting wet all the time. So glad I decided to get on board.

Mike B.
Mark B


Training course

I wanted to thank you guys about your online training course for the Nemo product. I've been diving since 1970 and have had several Hookah units over the past 30 years. Your training course far exceeds any training I've had with any other equipment I've owned, and I'm glad I've read the entire manual so that I know how to put the system together and use it out on the water.

Mark B.
Dimitar p


BEST Portable Hookah Dive System on the Market.

The Blu3 Nemo is AMAZING AND SUPERB Quality Product!
I use it in this Hot Summer and give me Few Hours of Underwater Enjoyment. Looking Forward for Many More to Come. Highly Recommended to Anyone Looking for the BEST Portable Hookah Dive System on the Market. Also Blu3 Nemo Team have 5 Star Costumer Service.

Dimitar p.
Charles P


This is an amazing product

This is an amazing product and the training class that you take was extremely helpful it shows everything to prepare yourself to be as safe as possible. Thank you for providing such a helpful tool with my purchase I would love more instruction classes if there would ever be anything else to explain. Highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in a BLU3

David H.
Gary G


Buying this was a breeze

Buying this was a breeze and shipped in a very timely manner. I had taken the course months ahead of time, knowing full well I was going to own the Blu 3 Nemo. When I received it I read the manual fully and set up was as easy as everyone said it was. It has opened a whole new way to enjoy the water. Great time had every time I use it. I am going to have to but one for my wife now. Thanks for the professional service.

Gar G.
Gary G


I can’t wait to use it!

Looking forward to using this, first at my brother’s pool in Houston to complete my first dive, then moving on to the coast! The Nemo seems to be of great quality, and I have ordered extra batteries! I am familiar with this product through YouTube’s Bondi Treasure Hunters

Steve B.



Every video I watched about BLU3 NEMO,
was Outstandingly Positive. That is why I decided to buy one. It is everything they said it was!!! Customer service is Outstanding!! Very prompt replies to any questions I had. This is Perfect for Metal Decking in rivers or shallow lakes. It sure beats my full Scuba gear for this. Almost all detecting underwater is less than 10 ft anyway. No other device on the market even come close to this product. AAAAAA++++++

Steve B.
Steve B.


made of quality materials

The Nemo arrived as promised without a problem considering it had to travel from Florida to Ontario and make it through customs. I haven’t tried the system yet because of the season we are in but it is made of quality materials and comes equipped
with a well made backpack for transporting all the gear.

Michael b.


underwater explorations

Hello, I am a treasure hunter from Japan and I have recently purchased the Nemo which has allowed me to do underwater explorations I had not been able to previously. The Nemo has become an indispensable part of my equipment as I use it in not only the sea, but in rivers as well and would like to purchase an additional one to explore with my friends as well.

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Did You Know?

BLU3 Dive Systems comes with decades of experience from Brownie's™.

Brownie's Third Lung is the world's largest innovator and manuacturer of surface supplied air diving systems with 50 years of experience. Following this idea, we were able to create the revolutionary BLU3 dive systems, creating the most user-friendly tankless diving technology on the market.  

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