What does it mean to Dive BLU3?

It’s about ease and enjoyment, exploration and adventure, memories and bonding. Together, we can spread the remarkable sport of diving and cultivate a beautiful BLU3 planet.

To Dive BLU3 is to enjoy the underwater world while treating it with care. The BLU3 lifestyle involves enjoying this planet to its greatest potential, while practicing habits that promote a sustainable world.

1. Be Prepared

The most important part of diving is being properly prepared. It is your responsibility to understand the principles of underwater safety. Our online training course will cover dive principles, safety in diving; health issues that affect diving, key terms, RSTC and common hand signals, dive tables, equipment, respecting the environment and more. Backup air supply is essential, we highly recommend Spare Air® and Brownie’s Egressor Systems to ensure a safe ascent. Adhere to your training and be prepared, that’s how you best #DiveBLU3.

2. Be Responsible

We know you want to share the amazement of the underwater world with your friends, we do too! It’s tempting to take a friend diving on your cool new BLU3 without training. But, that can be a very dangerous thing to do. The best way to dive BLU3 with your friends is by sharing the training program with them beforehand and making certain it is completed and understood by reviewing before you go. Here at BLU3 and Brownie’s, we make certain our new employees and friends have completed their training before we take them out for a dive. We’re fully confident in the training we provide but it must be completed fully and responsibly for both the safety of our divers and our waters.

3. Respect the Environment

For generations, human actions have led to the demise of underwater environments. If we want the beauty and serenity of the water to last for generations to come it is our responsibility to protect and preserve. This means taking action above and below water.

Beyond the surface:

  • Rarely touch, never take. We believe the only time underwater environments should be touched is to remove line and debris that shouldn’t be there. We recommend carrying a dive knife both for your safety and to cut lines and plastic loose from our reefs. After you cut out a line bring it back to the surface with you and dispose of it properly. BLU3 does not condone the taking of marine life. Sustainable fishing and lobstering are the exception.

Above the surface:

  • It’s no secret that plastic is an enemy of the environment. We understand it’s an everyday part of living a conventional life, but small changes can make a big impact.
    • Say “No straw please” when ordering a drink
    • Use reusable grocery bags, if you can carry what you’re buying say “No bag please”
    • Use reef safe sunscreen to keep more chemicals out of the water
    • Use natural soaps and cleaning detergents that won’t drastically affect our ocean’s pHLook out for our Keep the Ocean BLU3 kits this fall.

That’s how we Dive BLU3 and expect our awesome divers to do the same!