Metal Detecting with Nemo

What Makes Nemo Perfect for Underwater Detecting?

Nemo is the most convenient and user-friendly method for breathing underwater while metal detecting, fossil hunting, and more. Tankless diving with Nemo is a bridge between snorkeling and scuba diving. Nemo is lightweight and compact, yet still offers dive times of up to 60-90+ minutes for depths up to 10 feet. Rechargeable batteries can be swapped in for extra dive time and charged in only 2-3 hours.

Nemo is ultra portable, weighing in at only 10 lb and with a size roughly equivalent to the size of a two-slice toaster. Nemo is also airline friendly, as its batteries are under 100 Wh and can be brought as carry-on luggage. Treasure hunters, fossil finders, and other underwater enthusiasts have been adding Nemo to their essential gear lists. So far, their reviews have been incredibly positive!

Companies such as Nokta, Minelab, and Garrett produce excellent underwater metal detectors that are being used with Nemo by metal detecting enthusiasts around the world. Michael Oliver, Professional Underwater Treasure Hunter, regularly posts videos to his YouTube channel featuring Nemo while searching for lost items like jewelry. You can see one of his videos along with some others, below.

Michael Oliver, Professional Underwater Treasure Hunter

Gold & Silber gefunden bei Schatzsuche Unterwasser mit wasserdichtem Metalldetektor!! Sondeln

PaleoCris Finding Fossils with Nemo

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