Our Kickstarter failed but…

We chose Kickstarter because it is “all or nothing” and we didn’t want to accept monetary support from our fans unless we could deliver NOMAD in its very best state. That goal came with a big price tag but we weren’t willing to compromise quality so we took the dive.

…it was still a huge success

We didn’t reach our goal, but we did meet almost every other one of our exposure and development goals in these past six weeks:

dive without tanks

  • NOMAD was featured by media outlets across the globe
From the US to the UK to Japan and beyond. Most happened in the past two weeks, it’s safe to assume that if they’d come out sooner that NOMAD would have definitely been funded.
BLU3 engineers kept working hard on electrical and mechanical concepts and made great strides, including thermal testing and implementing a highly-anticipated new compressor.
Our website and social media accounts are getting a ton of traffic and we get emails every single day, from all over the world, asking about distribution, dealer and affiliate opportunities.
The second model in the bLU3 line is under development and since it’s a lot simpler to produce than NOMAD, it will likely hit the market this year. We are excited to test and shoot our first prototypes this summer.

Thank you so much for supporting us along the way and know that the end of this campaign is only the beginning!

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Thank you again and get ready to #diveblu3!