Founded: December, 2017

Location: Pompano Beach, FL

History: 40+ Years in the Industry (

Future: Revolutionize the way people experience the underwater world. 

Ownership: Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. (OTCQB: BWMG)

BLU3 is an innovative company committed to developing the world’s most user-friendly dive systems to ever float on the ocean’s surface. Our battery-powered tankless dive systems are revolutionizing the way people enter the water and experience the underwater world. 

Our products deliver air to a diver underwater using our proprietary air compressors combined with patent-pending Smart Reg™ technology. It is through our relentless commitment to research and development that we’ve been able to create the world’s smallest dive system: Nemo. There has never been a smoother transition into breathing underwater. Read more about Nemo here:

The identity of a BLU3 product is that it is extremely user-friendly and ultra-portable. The user’s journey should be as seamless as possible, such that their primary thought during the experience is this: Just Breathe™ . This identity carries through with every BLU3 product, including the newest addition which is set for pre-order launch on the 1st of July, 2021: Nomad. Learn more about Nomad here:

At BLU3, our passion stems from the excitement of introducing people to the underwater world in a way that will motivate them to conserve and protect what lies beyond the surface. Our purpose is to enable others to enjoy the underwater world with ease and in a way that fosters environmental awareness. This is what it means to #diveBLU3.


An abundantly blue planet populated by ocean-loving divers who help keep it that way.


Introduce people to the underwater world in a way that will motivate them to conserve and protect life below the surface.


Just Breathe



Nemo is an incredibly compact, battery-powered tankless dive system that supports one diver to ten feet – the perfect way for snorkelers to take their adventures beyond the surface.

Who is Nemo for?

Whether you're an ocean explorer, poolside parent, treasure hunter, underwater photographer, self-sufficient boat owner, or in search of the latest yacht toy – Nemo is for you.

How does it work? 

Inside Nemo's buoyant foam and tube is a custom battery-powered air compressor. The compressor pumps air to the diver through the 10 foot hose and out through Nemo's patent-pending Smart Reg™, all powered by a single battery. The Smart Reg™ saves battery life by monitoring breathing patterns to let the compressor know exactly when it needs to send air, which means Nemo doesn't just push air to you, but rather breathes with you. 


1 Diver  |  10 feet  |  Run time: 60-90+ minutes  |  Size: 11” x 7.5” x 8”  |  Weight: ~10 lb.

Nemo diver holding Nemo


Nomad is an ultra-portable, battery-powered tankless dive system with a maximum depth rating of 30 feet / 9 meters for a single diver. Each swappable Nomad battery provides roughly 45-60 minutes of dive time or more. 

Who is Nomad for?

Nomad is for the experienced diver who is prepared for diving deeper, whether you are on the hunt for exploration, treasure, underwater photography, boat maintenance, or simply the peaceful weightlessness in enjoying the underwater world.  

How does it work? 

Nomad’s proprietary air compressor floats on the surface in a buoyant shell with superb stability to remain above the waves. Air is collected from the surface of the water and pumped through the 30+ foot air hose instantaneously each time the diver inhales. Nomad’s patent-pending Smart Reg™ technology conserves energy and eliminates wasted size and weight, bringing you the most user-friendly 30’ dive system on the market.


1 Diver  |  30 feet  |  Run time: 45-60+ minutes  |  Size: 17” x 11” x 9”  |  Weight: ~15 lb.

Nomad Pre-Order

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