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How do you pronounce BLU3?

“Blue” like the color. The number ‘3’ is a reference to our sister company, Brownie’s Third lung. It also represents the three models – NEMO, NOMAD & NEPTUNE.

How does it work?

BLU3 models are Surface-Supplied Air (SSA) devices – a breathing air compressor floats above the surface and pumps air down to the diver. Our variable speed and smart regulator technology tell the compressor exactly when to pump air, improving user experience and preserving battery life.

What is NEMO?

Our goal with NEMO is to bridge the gap between snorkeling and diving with a device that’s priced affordably. It is a single diver unit that can support 1 diver to 10 feet. NEMO is in development and very close to being finalized, we will release NEMO and use the revenue to fund the development of NOMAD. Learn more

When will NEMO be available?

NEMO will be available Summer 2019.

How much will NEMO cost?

NEMO is estimated to retail around $699.

When will NOMAD be released?

We’re working hard to make sure NOMAD is available by Summer 2019.

How deep can I dive NOMAD?

NOMAD’s max depth is yet to be determined but it will allow users the opportunity to enjoy our waters’ first atmosphere to the fullest.

How much will NOMAD cost?

There is no published price for NOMAD because we are in the Pre-Production stage. Right now we’re focused on making NOMAD the best SSA (surface-supplied air) dive system in the world. We’re determined to offer NOMAD below $1999 – our team is working hard to make NOMAD as price-competitive as possible. Join our monthly newsletter to keep up with our progress!

Can I pre-order NOMAD?

Yes! You can reserve your NOMAD today. 

How does the user know when the battery dies?

Thanks to our underwater battery alarm, the user will know BEFORE the battery dies so that he/she can make a safe ascent.

How do you recharge the battery?

NEMO comes with a Lithium Ion battery pack that can easily be swapped out and recharged between dives. NOMAD will come with an AC charger that can be used in a wall outlet, or on the go with our optional solar panel. The battery fully recharges in under 3 hours. We can supply adapters for our global customers.

Can I swap out the battery to dive longer?

Absolutely. We’ll have spare batteries available for purchase and the swap out will be a simple task.

Are BLU3 products safe?

Our customers’ wellbeing is our highest priority. We have 38 years of experience in the SSA (or “hookah diving”) industry. What most people don’t realize is this method of diving has been around for decades, with very few incidents. Businesses such as Brownie’s Third Lung and SNUBA have been successful in providing incredible underwater experiences while keeping people safe, and we will too. Here’s how.

How can I get involved?

You can help us out big time by following us on social media and sharing our updates! If you want to take it a step further, apply to be a brand ambassador – share BLU3 and make some money too. During our Kickstarter campaigns, we’ll run an Affiliate program through Kickbooster so you can earn commission every time someone supports are project through your link. Learn more: Brand Ambassador

Can I be a test-diver?

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out about upcoming events.

Can I be a distributor/dealer?

Although we’re in the development stages, we welcome early conversations about distribution and dealer opportunities. Visit our Partners page for more information.

Where are you located?

BLU3 HQ is located in the Brownie’s Marine Group building in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Who is BLU3?

BLU3 is a team of inspired inventors, engineers, and ocean enthusiasts. Our parent company is Brownie’s Marine Group, and BLU3 is the next generation of diving. Read the press release for more info. Check out the BLU3 Crew.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]