The ocean offers virtually endless options for exploration and enjoyment. Whether you enjoy the recreational aspect of swimming and diving or dive to complete a task like pool leak detection or boat hull maintenance, Nemo enables you to get out and go dive without any hassles. With Nemo, you have the benefits of SCUBA diving with the simplicity of snorkeling. 

Nemo is a surface-supplied tankless dive system or hookah dive system. That simply means that it floats on the surface behind you while you descend and breathe from the air that it pumps down to you underwater. Nemo’s patent-pending Smart Reg™ has a sensor-tracked silicone diaphragm that triggers Nemo to deliver air instantly when you breathe. This and every other feature of Nemo have been thoughtfully designed by the engineers at BLU3 to encourage more people to enter the underwater world and experience life beyond the surface. For too long, there has not been any middle ground for people to try diving between snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Nemo is here to fill that gap.

Every aspect of the Nemo is designed to work intuitively with your body to deliver the exact flow and volume of air that you need when you need it at the right pressure and depth. Nemo uses just a fraction of the energy of other dive systems, which is why it has been able to claim the title of “The world’s smallest dive system.”Nemo is buoyant enough to keep it afloat on its own, but the flotation tube adds extra buoyancy and visibility to surrounding boaters for added safety and peace of mind.

This little powerhouse can keep you going for 60 to 90 minutes or longer, and when you receive the gentle warning that the battery is low, you can easily switch it out for a fresh one. Each battery for the Nemo diving system is rechargeable and only takes 3 hours for a full charge. Unlike bulky SCUBA equipment, the Nemo ultra portable dive system is fitted with a comfortable, lightweight dive harness that allows you to move easily and without restriction.

Everything you need to use the Nemo battery diving system fits in its convenient backpack, including:

  • The Smart Reg™
  • Dive harness
  • Battery pack and optional add-on spares
  • Chargers
  • Dive flags
  • Air hose
  • Flotation tube
  • Weight belt

Nemo itself weighs only about 10 pounds, which makes it ideal for carrying from one spot to the next on your back, on a bike, on a boat, or on an airplane. The backpack features support for your back and shoulders for maximum comfort and storage compartments both inside and out so that you have ample room for everything you need both above and below the water, including zip pockets for your wallet and other personal items and a strap for your flippers.

Oceanic splendors are a short dive away: Are you ready to discover them? With Nemo’s tankless dive system, you can. The lightweight, ultra-portable diving system is easy to use, and our course is available online at no charge to you. Once you complete it, you will be ready to get in the water and start exploring underwater, hunting treasure, or discovering new sea life. What pleasures await you? Visit today and find out!