Swimming, diving, and snorkeling are all great activities for families to do together, and Nemo takes it to the next level. With Nemo dive gear, your whole family can explore beneath the surface of the ocean or other bodies of water to check out coral reefs, marine life, wrecks, and other underwater sites to see things from a whole new perspective. Diving is an adventurous activity that should not be performed alone, so why not go as a family? Here is what you and your family need to know about the Nemo tankless diving system.

Nemo is fast, simple, and easy for the whole family.

Imagine diving without bulky tanks or uncomfortable paraphernalia. The Nemo tankless diving system allows you to go deeper into the water, exploring reefs, underwater creatures, and more with the help of our ultra-portable diving system. It uses a powerful lithium-ion battery that is paired with our Smart Reg™, which monitors each breath you take and adjusts for perfectly timed airflow. Whether you are planning a holiday getaway or a family-friendly exploration, the Nemo is a must for your family this season.

Nemo is great exercise.

Swimming is among the best full-body workouts. It engages your legs, core, upper body, back, and arms. It even strengthens your heart and lungs, too. Swimming can also help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. Getting your kids on board can instill in them a life-long love of not just physical activity but also the ocean. What’s not to love?

Nemo takes snorkeling to the next level.

Snorkeling has long been popular with people wanting a closer look at marine life but it has limitations. Snorkel tubes tend to be short, which means your dives are necessarily quite shallow. With Nemo’s battery-powered dive system, you can dive up to 10 feet into the water and get far closer to the marine life, reefs, and wrecks below the surface. Of course, you should always respect the ocean and its inhabitants, but getting a closer look can help you and your family learn so much more about the world in which we live and maybe even fall in love with it.

Nemo is ultra-portable.

Diving is fun, but lugging around heavy dive gear or changing into uncomfortable suits might not be. Imagine how convenient a simple device that fits inside of your backpack would be? Nemo makes getting a peek at marine life fast, hassle-free, and efficient with our simple system. Everything fits into one lightweight backpack. It has plenty of organizational pouches for everything that comes with it, and there is even a convenient strap on the side for your fins! You can be set up and ready to go within mere minutes and can dive up to 10 feet for up to an hour or more at a time.

The Nemo tankless battery-powered dive system is like snorkeling but better. If you are ready to take your underwater explorations to a whole new level, then it is time to give Nemo a try. Visit us online to learn more or to place your order.