BLU3 – pronounced “blue” like the color of the ocean

BLU3 is an innovative company committed to developing the world’s most user-friendly line of dive systems to ever float on the ocean’s surface. Our battery-powered surface-supplied air (SSA) dive systems with patent-pending technology are revolutionizing the way people enter the water and experience the underwater world.

There has never been a better way to transition from snorkeling to breathing underwater.

At BLU3, our passion stems from the excitement of introducing people to the underwater world in a way that will motivate them to conserve and protect what lies beyond the surface. Our purpose is to enable others to enjoy the underwater world with ease and in a way that fosters environmental awareness. This is what it means to #diveBLU3.

BLU3 was founded as a subsidiary of a public company by Blake Carmichael in 2017 – an electrical engineer by trade and native Floridian passionate about the ocean. Blake and his father, Robert Carmichael, a long-time aquanaut, set out to build a line of cutting-edge dive systems that would encourage more people to go beyond the surface. When BLU3 joined forces with innovation expert John Colborn and his patentable technology, the dream rapidly shaped into reality. Add in Robbie Kipp, a bright young Ocean Engineer from FAU, and the mission to develop BLU3’s first product solidified.

BLU3 is a sister company to Brownie’s Third Lung, a leader in the SSA industry celebrating 50 years of innovative dive and water safety products. BLU3 is headquartered in South Florida, a strategic location which allows us to design, build, and test right in our own backyard.

Bringing our first product, Nemo, to the market is step one in an ambitious set of goals. BLU3 will soon offer a total of three dive systems with varying depth ranges.

    • Nemo is for the shallow-water enthusiast with a maximum depth rating of 10ft/3m.
    • Nomad is for those looking to take the next step, with a depth rating of approximately 25ft/7.6m.
    • Neptune satisfies the squad (or pod) by supplying air for up to 3 divers with a depth rating of approximately 30ft/9m.

To delve deeper into what it means to #diveBLU3, soon our dive systems will be equipped with environmental data collection sensors that will merge with GPS tracks during the dive. This valuable data from your dive will be effortlessly uploaded to Project Baseline’s database – an interactive online repository where those interested can voluntarily upload underwater data. The initiative is used to empower scientists, citizen-divers, and non-divers to explore, document, and protect local environments – for example, your favorite dive spot that you hope to one day share with your children and grandchildren.

It is through our relentless commitment to research and development that we’ve been able to create the world’s smallest dive system.
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