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Introducing Nomad Mini

BLU3 continues to revolutionize the diving industry with the introduction of their latest product, Nomad Mini, now open for pre-order. Drawing insights from seasoned Nemo and Nomad divers, BLU3 has sculpted a system that perfectly balances portability with performance. The Nomad Mini, equipped with the new 86Wh batteries, offers 20% more capacity than its predecessor, the Nemo batteries. This allows divers to achieve a depth of 15 feet with just one battery. Further enhancing its capabilities, the addition of one DiveBoost™ Kit can extend your underwater experience up to 80 minutes, and with two DiveBoost™ Kits connected, you can enjoy up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted diving.

Nomad Mini Features 

Nomad Mini has similar features to Nemo with some new and improved features to provide an enhanced experience from sand to sea.

Extended Dive Time with DiveBoost™ Kit: Users can connect multiple batteries at once for extended dive sessions, thanks to the DiveBoost Kit. (Note: This feature does not increase maximum depth.)
Designed for Depth: With the new 86Wh battery, Nomad Mini achieves a depth of 15 feet (4.5 meters) on a single battery. Users of the 72Wh batteries will require the DiveBoost Kit and two batteries to get the best performance.
Hose Organization: Bungee straps on the side ensure the hose is organized neatly during transport or when not in use.
Flotation Tube Accessory: Previously exclusive to Nemo, the flotation tube can now be attached to the Nomad Mini for enhanced buoyancy control.
Optimal Battery Placement: The battery's location has been moved to the bottom for improved balance and streamlined design.
Visible Battery Status: LED lights on the battery are visible while diving, allowing divers to check battery status easily during their dive.
Travel-Friendly 72Wh Batteries: While the Nomad Mini is optimized for the newer 86Wh batteries, it can still function with the 72Wh batteries, making it easier for shipping and air travel.

Do keep in mind, using the 72Wh batteries would require the DiveBoost Kit and two batteries.

Advantages of Tankless Diving

“The simplicity of snorkeling meets the thrill of scuba diving.”

Weighing only 12 lb without the DiveBoost Kit and 15 lb with it, the Nomad Mini is the ideal choice for boat owners and travelers looking for a compact, lightweight dive system that's hassle-free to transport. With the new 86Wh battery, the Nomad Mini is designed for a depth of 15 feet and approximately 40 minutes of run time on a single battery. For those aiming for an extended dive session, the DiveBoost Kit offers the possibility to connect an additional battery, extending the run time to around 80 minutes. By incorporating a second DiveBoost Kit, divers can achieve a total run time of approximately 120 minutes.

To see the Nomad Mini in action, check out our product release video created by Locale Films, a production company started by underwater photographers/videographers Logan Graham & Zachary Solomon. We are grateful for their efforts in helping us show Nomad Mini to the world. You can find more of Locale’s great work through their website ( and keep updated on their current and future projects with us by following them on social media (

Nomad Mini Product-Release Video Still

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