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Logan and Zachary's Experience with BLU3 Nemo Tankless Diving System

BLU3 Nemo tankless diving system is a game-changer for underwater photography and diving enthusiasts. Recently, two avid freedivers and underwater photographers, Logan Graham and Zachary Solomon, shared their experiences using the Nemo to capture the beauty of manatees in the Florida Springs.

Capturing Stunning Underwater Photos of Manatees

Logan, an avid freediver and underwater photographer based in South Florida, was initially skeptical about using the Nemo for underwater photography, but he was pleasantly surprised by its practicality. The Nemo's compact portability allowed him to take it to any body of water, making remote diving easily accessible. With the Nemo, Logan was able to stay down at the bottom for over an hour, which played a significant role in helping him capture stunning photos of the manatees. He was able to get parallel to their level by adding a weight belt and calmly snapping shots as the beautiful creatures swam around him.

Advantages of Tankless Diving

“The simplicity of snorkeling meets the thrill of scuba diving.”

Zachary Solomon's Experience Photographing Manatees with BLU3 Nemo

Two manatees on the bottom with split view of boats above in Florida springs

Zachary, on the other hand, talked about the planning and equipment required to photograph manatees. They had a new piece of equipment, the Nemo, which allowed them to stay beneath the water for longer than needed, without having to use scuba tanks. With the Nemo, they were able to move around easily, and breathe underwater without a scuba tank. They were able to capture stunning footage of manatees swimming and share space and time together in what seemed like forever.

BLU3 Nemo and Nomad Mini: Game-Changers for Underwater Photography and Exploration

The Nemo tankless diving system was a pioneering product of BLU3, a Florida-based company dedicated to crafting innovative dive products for enthusiasts around the globe. While the Nemo has been a notable favorite, it has now been phased out, giving way to the even more advanced Nomad Mini.

The Nomad Mini, designed for depths up to 15 feet, signifies BLU3's ongoing commitment to enhancing the diving experience. For those looking to prolong their dive time, the Nomad Mini can be paired with a DiveBoost kit, an accessory that allows divers to stack an additional battery. Such battery-powered diving systems, particularly the Nomad Mini, are a boon for underwater photographers. They provide the flexibility and duration required for the perfect shot, all without the burden of hefty scuba gear."

Split view of Nemo tankless diving system floating in Florida springs.

If you want to take your underwater photography to the next level, BLU3 Nemo tankless diving system is the perfect companion for your next adventure. Don't forget to follow Logan and Zachary on Instagram to see more stunning underwater photography.

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