If you are a professional diver, tankless diving might just revolutionize your work life. Whether you clean boats, volunteer for ocean clean-ups, or paint boats, tankless dive systems are designed to go where you go while offering you maximum portability and convenience. Nemo can simplify your life and facilitate your work without taking a big bite out of your budget.

What is Tankless Diving?

Unlike conventional diving, tankless diving gear for professionals uses no tanks or burdensome equipment. Instead, hookah systems are designed to provide you with oxygen using surface air, much like a snorkel. The system is much longer than a snorkel, however, and enables you to dive deeper and do more without having to resurface periodically or refill your tank. The equipment is minimal, and the lightweight tow-along design makes it easy to go wherever you need to go. There is no need to learn complex swimming techniques to manage your tank buoyancy, and you can spend more time working and less time managing your oxygen supply.

The Nemo is not just easier on you. It’s also easier on your boat with a small, lightweight design that takes up less space and reduces the wear-and-tear associated with scuba systems. In other words, you can lower your overhead and increase the return on your investment.

The Benefits of a Tankless Commercial Dive System

Hookah diving is greener, with a rechargeable battery system that can allow you to dive up to 10 feet for 60 to 90 minutes or more. Maintenance needs are minimal, and you can recharge batteries using your own boat’s power source. Switching out batteries is fast and easy, and you can be back in the water in a flash. BLU3’s patent-pending Smart Reg breathes with you, with an electronic sensor designed to learn your breathing patterns and respond accordingly. When your batteries run low, you will have a warning with ample time to resurface and change or recharge them.

The learning curve is minimal compared to conventional scuba diving. When you get your Nemo, you can complete the Nemo Online Dive Training Course, a free program that provides you unlimited access to all the information you need to get started with your new Nemo.

Nemo: Diving Gear for Professionals

Professional divers have unique needs when it comes to the world of diving. They need a commercial dive system that works as hard as they do without adding unnecessary weight, inconvenient equipment, or anything that restricts their movement unnecessarily. With the Nemo by BLU3, you simply need to strap on your lightweight dive harness, ensure your batteries are fully charged, and get to work. The Nemo is towed along on the surface of the water and will keep you supplied with oxygen for an hour or longer, and you will enjoy complete freedom of movement. Everything you need for your dive fits easily into the Nemo backpack (an accessory item), which is portable enough to go where you go. Learn more about how tankless diving can simplify your professional life or place your order today here.