We’re looking for awesome ocean lovers to come learn and dive with us in South Florida this summer!

Our interns will work closely with the marketing director of our parent company, Brownie’s Marine Group, to spread the word and make incredible content for each of our brands! We need people as fired up about our mission as we are, so we’re looking for people who are self-motivated and work quickly and accurately. The ability to work independently as well as within a team is a must. Ready to dive in?

6-8 week internship at our headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida

Start: End of semester

End: Mid-July

Hours: 12-15 hours/week

Compensation: Summer stipend based on performance + Dive trips local, the Florida Keys and Bahamas!

Positions available:

Web/Graphic Design Intern

Social Media/Content Intern

PR Intern


Web/Graphic Design Intern

What you’ll do: Manage and update all company websites, develop content for digital marketing.

What you’ll gain: The opportunity to design and develop WordPress websites, practice your graphic design and let your imagination run wild with access to the full Adobe suite on our tricked out iMacs. Also, your work will be seen by thousands of people and you’ll build a killer portfolio with our help. 


Social Media/Content Intern

What you’ll do: Post and engage to grow social media pages, blog writing, post on industry message boards.

What you’ll gain: A full understanding of the digital marketing landscape and how to utilize the best tools available to get the job done, including – Facebook for Business, Google Business, WordPress, WooBox, Keyword tools, SEO, Instagram growth tools, etc


PR Intern

What you’ll do: Coordinate collaborations with local+national influencers, write pitches, work with social media intern to develop content calendar.

What you’ll gain: Learn how to write pitches that get read and your words published! Get familiar with influencer marketing and collaborate with social media influencers, local businesses and how to develop a PR strategy. 

About the company

Brownie’s Marine Group (BMG) is the parent company to an innovative family of brands, with a unique concentration on the diving industry. From our flagship product – the Brownie’s Third Lung to the coolest (literally) tankfill system on the market – NitroxMaker™.

In 2017, BMG became the North, South and Central American distributor of masterfully German-engineered L&W Compressors. Providing a high quality alternative to the current market and re-invigorating the high pressure compressor industry. In addition to working on bLU3, our interns will dabble with each of these brands:





What are the perks?

We hear ya! What’s work without play? Get ready for dive trips & boat outings, get a free Brownie’s certification, and the opportunity to work with an awesome team.

Ready to dive in? Apply below!



Do I have to be tech-savvy?

Absolutely. Each of these positions depends on being a total digital guru.

Do I have to be in college?

No way! Our marketing director started her first unpaid internship in high school while our incredible CEO never went to college. Some people don’t find their passion til way later and others teach themselves, we’re cool with all of that. If you’re a reliable person who is cool and talented, doesn’t matter how old or how much schooling you’ve had!

Do I get paid?

We don’t offer our interns hourly pay because this a learning experience where you get a say in what you do. We’ve found that allowing people to explore and create is a lot more productive than telling them what to do. Instead, we do a stipend at the end of the 6-8 weeks that’s based on performance, this can range from $300-$600. Plus, all the perks listed above.

Can I stay longer than the internship term?

Sure! At the end of the 6 to 8 weeks we’ll sit down and discuss what’s next.

Is there a chance I’ll get hired?

No promises. But yes, that’s definitely a possibility. Our employees tend to want to stick around (Brownie’s has some employees who have been here nearly 20 years!) If the feeling is mutual, we’ll talk!

Why did you ask for my social media?

We’re social people and this is a creative team. We want a look at who you are/what you like to do. We especially look for style/aesthetics in Instagram profiles for our designer and social media positions. We’re fun people who like to do cool stuff. You’re welcome to check out some of our team!

Jake   Blake   Jacey   Yasmin  Robbie  Robert

Can I choose my days/hours?

Absolutely. We work from 8:30am-5:00pm Monday–Friday and dive/boat on the weekends, you’re welcome to choose the day and times you want to come in. We just ask that once you chose your schedule you stick to it. Our team needs to work together, we’ll need a consistent schedule to do so.

Can I work remotely?

Yes! Our marketing director works remotely quite a bit. Once there’s a clear plan in place and trust is established, the work can be done from wherever, whenever.

Still have a question? Contact Yasmin at [email protected]