Diving without tanks is one of the most convenient and logical ways to explore ocean depths without needing a heavy air tank attached to your body. Depending on the system you use, a tankless diving system allows you to dive up to 30 feet! SCUBA diving without a tank allows the diver to experience oceans, reefs and shallow waters without the restrictions of snorkeling, or the high price tag of SCUBA gear. BLU3’s Nemo & Nomad tankless diving systems give diver’s the opportunity to take their favorite hobby to a whole new level!

Tankless Diving to Revolutionize the Way You See the Ocean

Getting a fancy for the deep blue ocean after looking at breath-taking underwater photos is one thing. Gathering your courage to explore the underwater depths is an altogether different story. At BLU3, we bridge the gap between both with tankless diving systems to ensure that your dreams don’t just stay dreams.

SCUBA diving can be intimidating, but with our ocean diving systems you can explore the beauty of the underwater world in its glory without the hassle of carrying bulky tanks on your back. Our innovative diving systems have been perfected over the years to help you experience the charms of nature in its unfiltered form.

Diving Without Tanks Is User-Friendly Diving

You love water, and so do we. Our battery-powered surface-supplied air (SSA) diving systems help you explore the beautiful underwater world with ease. Not only this, but our innovative, portable equipment will also make for the perfect travel companion. The best part is it is compact, so you don’t have to think twice about packing it in your traveling bag. Make your next vacation a lot more adventurous with an ocean diving system.

The tankless diving kit includes a battery pack, a comfortable dive harness, dive flag, Smart Reg™ and Online Dive Training Course. Pack all you need for your underwater expedition in a stylish backpack and get set for a life-changing experience. Whether this is your first time or your tenth time, we promise to make it exciting and memorable.

Multiply the joy of diving without tanks with a 2 or 6 unit pack that helps you take your buddies along and accentuate the delight of exploring the world beneath. If you love the underwater world as much as we do, we have made it easier for you to enjoy your experience. You get to enjoy the benefits of staying underwater like, with SCUBA but without a need to refill a tank. Simply recharge your battery or swap a spare battery in instead!

Traverse the scenic blue and experience the charms that nature bestows on us with our tankless scuba diving systems.

ocean diving system

Adventurous Streak + Online Training = Memorable Tankless Diving Experience

At BLU3, we love the ocean and make exploring it a fun activity! Whether you are already an ardent diver or want to learn diving, our user-friendly equipment makes diving without tanks a joyful dive for you!

After the roaring success of our parent company, Brownie’s Third Lung, our experience, combined with years of research and development, has resulted in compact equipment. After 50 years of creating revolutionary diving experiences, we take pride in our tankless SCUBA diving equipment.

We love adventure, but safety is our #1 priority. Our free BLU3 Online Dive Training Course teaches the fundamentals of diving necessary to get started with Nemo or Nomad diving systems, but we also recommend seeking advice from diving professionals before diving.

Explore the underwater beauty with our cost-effective, portable solutions that help you see the world like never before! Shop for diving systems from BLU3 today.