Are you spending the holiday season in the south this year? The warm waters of the coast beckon with plenty of family-friendly activities. Whether you want to splash, fish, swim or sunbathe, you can while away an afternoon or an entire week in the water doing just about anything your heart desires and still find new ways to explore the seas. With Nemo, you can take your explorations to the next level. Are you ready to dive deeper on your family-friendly holidays?

Nemo is a revolutionary tankless diving system. With Nemo, you and your family can be exploring the shallows within minutes. The Nemo system is easy to carry via a comfortable backpack and assembles just as easily. Once you have your tankless dive gear ready to go, you can submerge into the water diving up to 10 feet and for an hour or more as you hunt for treasure, explore the reefs, or search for new sea life. Regardless of your adventure goals, Nemo is designed as the perfect dive companion for you and your family.

What is Nemo?

Imagine diving without a bulky or uncomfortable scuba tank attached to your back. Nemo floats on the surface while you breathe through the 10-foot hose, which is attached to the battery-powered compressor. The compressor pumps air in and out through our patent-pending Smart Reg™, which adjusts based on your natural breathing patterns. The Smart Reg monitors your breathing to learn your breathing rate and mimic your patterns so that it sends air to you exactly when and how you need it. In other words, the tankless dive gear does not push air at you but breathes along with you. As the battery is depleted, it will let you know so that you can resurface and recharge or replace your battery as needed.

Why Diving?

Diving is a fun family activity that can excite and energize everyone on your holiday getaway. While the rest of the northern hemisphere tucks away and hibernates from the cold weather chill, you can be stretching your toes into warm sandy beaches and soaking up the vitamin D-rich rays of the sun. What more could you ask from a holiday vacation?

With Nemo tankless diving, you can add another layer of fun. Snorkeling and diving let you go beyond the surface and see what happens under the sea. See how the colorful fish flutter in schools or discover how far the coral reefs stretch. Follow the rays or check out a wreck site. There is so much to do beneath the waves that you might not ever want to surface again, which is why the Nemo comes with spare batteries that are fast and easy to recharge.

Nemo is fun for the whole family. If you are ready to begin your family friendly holidays, check us out online to learn more or place your order. Younger users should have parental supervision until they reach 18, and all users need to complete the Nemo Online Dive Training Course before diving with Nemo.