Kimber from Water Bear Photography relying on the BLU3 dive system while documenting the clear springs.

September 3rd, 2023     |     By BLU3     |

September 3rd, 2023     |     By BLU3 

Making Waves with BLU3 in Underwater Cinematography

Venturing beneath the water surface brings its unique set of challenges, especially when it involves capturing the ephemeral beauty of nature for a springs documentary. The complexity increases tenfold, but thanks to our faithful ally, BLU3 dive systems, we navigated this intricate terrain with ease and efficiency.

Kimber of Water Bear Photography submerged in clear spring waters using the BLU3 dive system, with camera ready

BLU3: The Game-Changer in Underwater Shoots

The practicality and functionality of BLU3 dive systems elevated our filming process, transforming it into a seamless experience. Gone were the days of incessant dives, quick shots, and frequent resurfacing. With BLU3, we stayed submerged, stabilized, and focused, capturing awe-inspiring angles and shots that were once out of reach.

BLU3 Vs. SCUBA: A New Contender in the Deep Blue

SCUBA gear has been our tried and true companion during underwater expeditions. However, BLU3's exceptional features have positioned it as a worthy alternative. Always at the ready, this dive system let us jump right into action, making it an essential piece of our equipment kit for the documentary project.

Advantages of Tankless Diving

“The simplicity of snorkeling meets the thrill of scuba diving.”

Embracing the Unexpected: Unforgettable Encounters in the Deep

Kimber of Water Bear Photography in clear spring waters, supported by the BLU3 dive system while photographing.

You never know what will happen when you're under the water. On one memorable dive, I found myself surrounded by a school of fish, a moment of surprise and delight. The fish seemed unbothered by my presence, swimming casually around me. This harmonious interaction, courtesy of BLU3’s non-intrusive nature, emphasized the powerful connections we can forge with marine life.

We were having such an unforgettable experience and we didn’t want it to end! Lucky for us, we were able to pop back up to the surface (briefly) to swap out our battery for a new one. And within approximately one minute, we were back underneath the surface with our fish friends.

BLU3 gives access to diving remote locations you may not be able to reach with dive tanks due to location/proximity. We were also able to recharge our dead battery while we continued to venture below. Batteries are rechargeable from almost anywhere (even your car or a solar panel)!

Lights, Camera, Action: The Impact of BLU3 on Storytelling and Cinematography

Beyond its practical advantages, BLU3 dive systems significantly contributed to our storytelling and cinematography. With the liberty to stay underwater longer, we could focus more on the craft - capturing the shots we needed, perfecting our camera movements, and adjusting our lighting and settings. This allowed us to translate our envisioned stories onto the screen effectively, making BLU3 not just a dive system, but an enabler of our creative expression.

Top view of Nomad Mini dive system

In Conclusion: A Salute to BLU3

Kimber of Water Bear Photography submerged in clear spring waters using the BLU3 dive system, with camera ready.

The BLU3 dive system has been an indispensable tool for us, revolutionizing our underwater shoots, and enhancing our storytelling capabilities. Our Springs documentary project was undoubtedly made better because of it. With BLU3, we can look forward to more exciting, fun, and successful underwater projects, capturing the heart of the ocean one dive at a time.

Remember: Adventure Awaits Under the Surface

Join us in our next dive and see what BLU3 can do for you. The underwater world is full of wonder, and with BLU3, it's within everyone's grasp. Dive in and let the adventure begin!

Four distinct uses of the BLU3 dive system: hull maintenance, marine biology research, underwater photography, and recreational diving.

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