Photographer with BLU3 dive system in pool, preparing for underwater shoot, with model on an inflatable dinosaur behind her.

September 3rd, 2023     |     By BLU3     |

September 3rd, 2023     |     By BLU3 

Capturing the Underwater World: How BLU3 Dive Gear Elevates Water Bear Photography

In the realm of underwater photography, where the stakes are high and the conditions challenging, the right equipment can be a game-changer. For Kimber of Water Bear Photography, that game-changer has been BLU3 dive gear. Today, we'll explore how BLU3 has helped enhance Kimber's underwater photography, making it easier, more efficient, and helps to keep us from getting tired and reduces the chance of ear damage from repeatedly having to dive.

Underwater photographer using BLU3 dive system to breathe, with camera in hand, in a pool.

Elevating the Business: BLU3 as a Game-Changer

Kimber found BLU3 to be an excellent alternative to SCUBA and freediving, particularly when it came to capturing underwater images. “Having the ability to hop in the water and stay under for longer periods of time has really helped with installing sets and performing shoots,” she shares. The convenience of BLU3 gear, with its easy setup and no need for constant tank refills, has significantly reduced the "to-do" list, allowing her to focus more on the task at hand.

Revolutionary Features for Exceptional Results

With BLU3, Kimber no longer has to bear the exhaustion of repeated free dives or the burden of lugging around SCUBA gear. Instead, she can stay underwater as needed, focusing her energy on capturing stunning images. She finds the rechargeable batteries particularly helpful, keeping an extra one charged and ready, eliminating the worry about drained batteries during a shoot.

Advantages of Tankless Diving

“The simplicity of snorkeling meets the thrill of scuba diving.”

Remarkable Moments and Challenges

Underwater photographer with BLU3 dive system breathing apparatus, capturing a model.

Using BLU3 gear has brought about some significant changes in Kimber's photography sessions. “It’s been a huge advantage to stay under the water when shooting. I can review images and reshoot on the fly, whereas before, I had to surface, review, and go back down,” she says. As for challenges, obviously, when diving on an umbilical, there’s always that inherent entanglement risk. We’ve run into that a few times doing installations. Sometimes we forget we have a hose to maintain and end up wrapping it around a bar or set piece. Fortunately, having the regulator and harness gives us plenty of time to realize the issue and work it out, but I’m always confident knowing I could bail out of the harness quickly if needed.

Using BLU3 has reduced our “to-do list” by being able to pull it out and jump in. No longer do we need to remember to run to the dive shop for tank fills. Also, it’s reduced setup times tremendously!

Advice for Fellow Underwater Photographers

Kimber highly recommends BLU3 for setting up and preparing for photoshoots, but she emphasizes the importance of vigilance. She advises photographers to pay close attention to the training course provided by BLU3, as it offers a wealth of valuable information. Additionally, being aware of potential entanglement hazards and practicing beforehand is crucial. “Shooting underwater has a lot of risks but using BLU3 can definitely help lower them as long as you are using it properly and safely.

With BLU3, Kimber has been able to transform her underwater photography business, achieving better results with less hassle. Her story is a testament to the innovative features and practical benefits of BLU3 dive gear, showcasing how it can take underwater photography to a whole new level.

Top view of Nomad Mini dive system

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