Have you ever been interested in scuba diving but hesitant to commit to buying expensive gear or carrying heavy tanks? Look no further than BLU3's Nomad, the tankless dive system that changes everything.

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BLU3 systems are one-third the weight of traditional scuba gear, making it easy to fit two divers and their dive gear on a single LIVE paddle board.

Review from Scuba Diving Magazine and PADI Club

Are you interested in scuba diving but hesitant to commit to buying expensive gear or carrying heavy tanks? Look no further! BLU3's Nomad Tankless Dive System is changing the game in all aspects.

Recently, Scuba Diving Magazine and PADI Club teamed up with the BLU3 team to experience the Nomad and Nemo systems on a paddle and dive trip at Rainbow Springs State Park. Candice Landau, the author of the Scuba Diving Magazine article, tried the Nomad for the first time and discovered a whole new world.

The Nomad is so small it fits into a backpack and its portability gives people access to remote and hard-to-reach bodies of water. It also serves as a "gateway drug to scuba diving" People can take the free online training course and answer the health questionnaire to see if BLU3 products are right for them.

Exploring the Rainbow River with BLU3's Nomad: Candice's First Dive Experience

Candice explains how the Nomad system works and how her first dive went at Rainbow River. With the compressor floating in the water next to her, she turned the regulator on and took a breath. The system came to life with a rattling buzz and gave her the first breath of air. It was a familiar but strange feeling since breathing with Nomad feels a bit different than scuba (During the first dive with Nomad, it usually takes a couple of minutes for scuba divers to get used to breathing with Nomad).

Advantages of Tankless Diving

“The simplicity of snorkeling meets the thrill of scuba diving.”

Ariella fins through the Rainbow River channel, calmly enjoying her BLU3 Nomad experience.

BLU3's Nomad dive system also comes with a battery-operated compressor that affects breathing effort. When the diver breathes in, the compressor inside is activated and the air is pulled from the surface and supplied down the hose to the diver's mouth. Since the system only runs when the diver is inhaling (BLU3's patented Smart Reg technology), its able to conserve battery life--providing up to an hour of dive time. It's recommended that anyone diving with the Nomad carry a small Spare Air with them, which can be filled from any scuba tank.

BLU3's Nomad is a game changer for anyone who wants to experience scuba diving without the commitment of buying expensive gear or carrying heavy tanks. If you're interested in trying out our product, we suggest visiting our Guided Tours page for a "try-before-you-buy" experience. Additionally, we are always looking for new demo partners, so if you have a suggestion for a great location, please let us know by emailing support@diveblu3.com. Are you ready to explore the underwater world in a new way with BLU3?

Experience Ultimate Stability and Capacity with the L4Expedition Paddle Board from LIVE Watersports

Diving from a LIVE Watersports paddle board is a unique experience that combines the thrill of scuba diving with the ease and convenience of paddle boarding. With the BLU3 Nomad tankless dive system, divers can explore hard-to-reach bodies of water from the comfort of a paddle board. In the photo, two divers are getting ready to dive with their Nomad systems from the L4Expedition board.

The L4Expedition board is made by LIVE Watersports and is specifically designed for fishing and diving. With a length of 14 feet and a weight capacity of 700 pounds, this board provides ample space and stability for multiple divers and their gear. Its catamaran-style design allows for smooth and easy paddling, making it the perfect platform for diving adventures. So, why not combine your love of paddle boarding and scuba diving and give it a try? Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience.

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Top 5 Reasons to Use BLU3’s Mini Scuba Systems

No heavy tanks to refill (batteries are rechargeable)

Can be used for many different applications (treasure hunting, boat maintenance, etc.) 

Systems are portable and travel-friendly (meaning you can carry them on an airplane)

Systems are lightweight (fits into a backpack and easy to carry, store & maintain)

Great way to progress after snorkeling. Free online training course
Who Should Use A Mini Scuba System?

Who Should Use A Mini Scuba System?

Mini scuba systems like BLU3’s are designed for all of the globetrotters of the underwater world. Whether you’re a snorkeler looking for a deeper adventure, a retired SCUBA diver looking to dive back in, or someone in search of the newest yacht toy & tool, these systems are the solution you’ve been searching for.

Tips on diving from a paddle board with Mini Scuba System

Paddleboard diving with Nomad gives you simplicity while still being a high quality diving experience. You can reach more locations than you would on a normal shore dive, and it’s far simpler than dealing with a boat and SCUBA gear. With traditional SCUBA gear, diving from a paddleboard or kayak can be a real hassle. With Nomad you simply set the backpack on your board and head out to the reef. Watch our YouTube video for a few tips on how to prepare for paddleboard diving: https://youtu.be/PsdChqEb6_k.

Here are some uses for BLU3 Mini Scuba Systems:

Exploring the underwater world
Metal detecting (treasure/fossil hunting)
Boat maintenance
Beginner divers
Boat emergency equipment 
First responder emergency equipment
Underwater photography 
Pool maintenance 
Harvesting (in a sustainable manner) 
Accessing remote diving locations
Underwater meditation 
Underwater fitness

Advantages of Tankless Diving

If you have been thinking about trying out one of our products, check out our website for BLU3 Guided Tour locations and come out with one of our guides.


We also offer a free, online training course that walks you through the system features highlighting important rules to follow when diving on BLU3 mini scuba systems! Feel free to check it out here.

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