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June 13, 2023     |     By BLU3     |

June 13, 2023     |     By BLU3 

Go beyond the surface this Father’s Day and check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide below.

When they aren’t spitting corny dad jokes or getting beers with the boys, Dads (and fatherly figures) are doing the absolute most. From the kitchen table to the garage and back, dads rock our world. While they are often the lunch makers, grill masters, shoe tiers & Uber drivers in our lives, they are also so much more than that. And they deserve way more than one day of celebration & recognition.

So, forget the ties, “best dad” mugs & shopping sprees to Home Depot this year. Instead, get Dad an everlasting experience with our BLU3 dive systems. BLU3’s battery-powered tankless diving systems are ideal for boat maintenance, shallow reef exploring, treasure hunting and can also be used for many different dad-approved applications.


Whether a master captain of the seven seas, ocean aficionado, avid fisherman or treasure hunter, your sea daddy is sure to have the perfect aquatic companion on board. It won’t take long until he’s hooked, but when he is, he will become the epitome of a full-blown dive dad--and we say that in the best way possible. His newfound addiction will become apparent when he gets to experience the constant joy of living his best life under the surface (over and over again).

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Hauling heavy tanks & scuba gear can be a hassle, and let’s be honest, Dad’s not getting any younger. BLU3’s portable, lightweight dive systems will give him a much-needed break from all the carrying & heavy lifting he does around the house. Whether he enjoys doing his own yard work/boat maintenance or just getting to chill out every now and then, with BLU3, he will be exposed to a whole new world of possibilities. With the ability to now access remote diving spots (thanks to BLU3), get under the boat with ease & swap out a dead battery for more dive time, he’ll get to channel his inner nomadic self and crave more and more with every new BLU3 experience.

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The thrill of scuba diving meets the simplicity of snorkeling.

Nomad Tankless Diving System

As featured in Scuba Diving Magazine, Nomad is BLU3’s 30-foot battery-powered tankless dive system.

The Nomad Diving System
30-foot depth: 
Run time: 45-60 minutes (per battery) 
Weight: 15 lbs. (super lightweight in comparison to tanks) 
Pack down into a backpack (for convenience)
Easy to carry/store

Nomad Mini Tankless Dive System

Similar to Nomad, Nomad Mini has all the same features we love about Nomad (and more)!

15-foot depth
Run time: 45 minutes-3 hours (with DiveBoost Kit)
Weight: 12 lbs. (super lightweight in comparison to tanks)
Pack down into a backpack (for convenience)
Easy to carry/store

Master the Dive: BLU3 User Manual and Online Training Course

Diving with your dad

Just as they love their Saturday chore list, & intently reading the directions, in true dad form, they’ll love the comprehensive & very detailed BLU3 user manual. And they’ll especially love the FREE online training course to get them acquainted with the system before their first dive.

Nothing says “thanks for being you, Dad” like a BLU3 Nomad or Nomad Mini, and what better way for Dad to get the “best break he could ask for” beneath the surface than with the gift of BLU3. And even if you have to borrow his credit card to buy a Nomad or Nomad Mini, it’s okay, he’ll thank you later (just kidding…don’t steal…ask mom instead).

If you’re interested in learning more about BLU3’s mini scuba systems

If you have been thinking about trying out one of our products, check out our website for BLU3 Guided Tour locations and come out with one of our guides.

We also offer a free, online training course that walks you through the system features highlighting important rules to follow when diving on BLU3 mini scuba systems! Feel free to check it out here.

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