Alex from 4Ocean using BLU3 dive systems to collect trash underwater.

August 20, 2023     |     By BLU3     |

August 20, 2023     |     By BLU3 

A Fortunate Meeting and Shared Vision

During a recent beach cleanup in Bimini, in partnership with X4CF, we were fortunate enough to meet Alex Schulze, the CEO of 4ocean. Like BLU3, 4ocean is a Florida-based enterprise that shares a passion for ocean conservation. Located just a short drive away from our Pompano Beach facility, 4ocean has a big-picture mission dedicated to reducing pollution from plastics & trash in our seas


Discovering New Applications for BLU3 Dive Systems

While the cleanup was mainly on land , when cooling off in the water, we discovered yet another reason to use BLU3 dive systems as a tool when Alex saw a rope tied to a rock underwater. Because he was equipped with one of our compact and lightweight dive systems, he comfortably dove down and removed the entangled rope while breathing easily underwater. It became clear that using BLU3 as a tool for environmental efforts was a no-brainer especially in remote locations where traditional scuba gear would be challenging to use.

Partnering Up for a Healthier Ocean

Following this experience, we provided Alex and his team with two Nomad dive systems to aid in their underwater cleanup operations. The Nomad's compact design proved ideal for their efforts . Alex could easily store the system, along with extra batteries, fins, a mask, and weights, in the front compartment of his Sea-Doo. This would not have been possible with traditional, bulky scuba gear.

Their first mission took them to Biscayne Bay, where they set out to clean the local reef system. Nomad's portability enabled them to reach this remote location effortlessly and remove trash that was harmful to the delicate marine ecosystem.

Alex from 4Ocean putting on the Nomad dive system harness with assistance from BLU3 CEO Blake Carmichael.

Advantages of Tankless Diving

“The simplicity of snorkeling meets the thrill of scuba diving.”

A New Chapter in Underwater Cleanup

Alex and Blake discussing the use of BLU3 systems for ocean cleanup

We are thrilled that our compact dive systems are empowering more people to access remote marine locations and contribute to ocean cleanup efforts. Working with a local Florida company like 4ocean is so much more than just a partnership–it’s a symbiotic relationship empowering both of us to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable planet.
Working alongside 4ocean extends beyond just our shared Florida roots. It reaches to all bodies of water that need protection and care.

Committed to the Planet

As members of the 1% for the Planet initiative, we are always on the lookout for organizations committed to protecting our oceans, rivers, and lakes. Our association with 4ocean underscores this commitment, and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.

It's our hope that this blog has shed light on the innovative ways in which our products can contribute to environmental conservation. Our oceans, rivers, and lakes are critical to our planet's health. Let's continue to protect them, one dive at a time.

Alex from 4Ocean on a Sea-Doo.

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