Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the sparkling waters of the ocean? From seashells and sea glass to more exotic wonders, like gold coins and jewels, the ocean holds vast treasures just waiting to be discovered. With Nemo’s tankless dive system, you might be the one to do it. The Nemo by BLU3 is a lightweight portable dive system that goes where you go. Its small design fits conveniently in a portable backpack. Simply strap it on and go wherever your fancy takes you.

Treasure Hunting with Nemo

The Nemo is an ultra-portable dive system that enables you to dive up to 10 feet without the weight or burden of a conventional scuba tank. Whether you are a casual treasure hunter or a professional, Nemo can give you what you need to hunt longer and go farther. The ultra-portable nature of Nemo allows you to get to locations unreachable by those using conventional scuba equipment. And the 90 minute run time per battery allows you to get much more out of your hunts.

Each part of our Nemo tankless dive systems has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to ensure the best possible dive experience for you, including:

  • A lightweight rechargeable battery pack that can give you 60 to 90 minutes of underwater exploration time and takes just three hours to fully recharge.
  • A custom-designed, fully sealed compressor to pump clean surface air directly to you.
  • The patent-pending Smart Reg™ technology that adjusts the oxygen flow to your breathing patterns.
  • A flexible air hose that supports a single diver up to 10 feet.
  • A flotation tube that inflates and attaches easily and deflates quickly for easy packing and storage
  • The naturally buoyant Nemo, which floats without the flotation tube, making it easy to dive in enclosed bodies of water or small spaces.
  • The Nemo backpack, which has room for not just the Nemo but also your fins and small treasure hunting gear must-haves, plus your wallet or phone.

Learning to dive with the Nemo is a breeze thanks to the Nemo online dive training course, which offers extensive information about a variety of dive techniques. The course is free and readily available whenever you need it. You can access it before you get your Nemo and use it to brush up on your skills at any time.

Learn more about BLU3’s Nemo tankless dive system or to get your own treasure hunting gear here.