Young divers at Deep Dive Dubai experiencing their first dive with the BLU3 Nomad system.

September 25th, 2023     |     By BLU3     |

September 25th, 2023     |     By BLU3 

Why Pool Operators Should Dive into a Partnership with BLU3

Imagine a world where transitioning from snorkeling to diving was as smooth as diving into a clear pool. At BLU3, we've worked hard to make this a reality. We're excited to share a new opportunity for pool operators–one that can bring this vision to life, right in their own facilities. Join us at DEMA and discover how partnering with BLU3 can transform your facility into a gateway for diving enthusiasts and novices alike.

Dive into Innovation

Pool operator instructing a diver using the BLU3 system.

BLU3’s commitment to innovation and making the wonders of the underwater world accessible to all is a game changer for dive businesses and the industry as a whole. Our diving systems are designed to bridge the gap between snorkeling and traditional scuba diving. By eliminating complexities and intimidation that often come with using scuba diving gear, BLU3 offers a seamless introduction to the aquatic world.

Enrich Your Pool Offerings

BLU3 is not just about selling a product; it's about fostering a culture of underwater exploration for many applications. By integrating our systems into your business, you can provide a stepping stone for customers with our comprehensive diving progression, opening up new business avenues. This unique offering not only attracts new customers but provides options for both the new and veteran divers. We commonly hear the phrase “I used to scuba dive.” Now there is an answer to that, with BLU3.

Advantages of Tankless Diving

“The simplicity of snorkeling meets the thrill of scuba diving.”

Diving Made Accessible and Enjoyable

Photographer with BLU3 dive system in pool, preparing for underwater shoot, with model on an inflatable dinosaur behind her.

The true beauty of our system is its adaptability to pools of any size. It's about making diving concepts accessible, comprehensible, and above all, fun. By turning any pool into a training ground, we're striving to ignite a passion for diving in those who've never considered it before, and enrich the training experience in a uniquely ideal environment.

A Legacy of Trust and Innovation

With BLU3, pool operators are not just choosing a product. They're investing in a legacy of diving innovation, backed by industry veterans like Brownie's THIRD LUNG and Submersible Systems, both sister companies of BLU3. We stand proudly homegrown in sunny South Florida, where we design and assemble our systems.

Brownie's Multi-Diver Systems

Seamless Partnership Process

Diving into a partnership with BLU3 is a breeze! The process starts with a simple dealer application. Upon approval, pool operators will enjoy a special discount on our tankless dive systems, the Nomad (30 feet max depth) and Nomad Mini (15 feet max depth). With comprehensive training from our online training course, and unwavering support from our established customer service team.

Bonus: For those keen to know more, our booklet offers a deep dive into the world of BLU3. Dive deeper into the BLU3 experience and download the booklet in PDF format.

Let's Dive Together!

At BLU3, we envision an underwater world where innovation combines with the thrill of scuba diving & the simplicity of snorkeling. By partnering with us, you're not just adding another option; you're bringing an unforgettable experience to your clientele. Ready to dive in? Complete the dealer application and let's make waves together!

Pool Operator Application Form

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